Yoru, Duelist Agent Who Has Ninja-like Skills! #languagegen 2

Yoru, Duelist Agent Who Has Ninja-like Skills!

Hello Vicigers, this time we are entering the #BahasAgen segment, the agent we will discuss in this article is the yoru agent.

Yoru is a duelist agent who has the power or skill like a ninja. Yoru will really spoil duelist players, because his skills are very interesting and fun to use.

In his skill, Yoru can teleport through his third skill, and can make the opponent's vision close with the flash skill that Yoru has, and not only that, Yoru also has a skill that is often referred to as a fake step. If this skill is used Yoru will make a fake step that can outwit the opponent, and the opponent will think it is a foot step from Yoru.

Yoru also has an ultimate skill that is practically cool, he will wear a mask so that the enemy cannot be seen and sneak into enemy defenses, Yoru can even finish all enemies from behind thanks to his ultimate skill.

Here are the skills Yoru has:

yoru skills
yoru skills

Decoy: Skill that makes a fake step to outwit your opponent

decoy, skill yoru
source: google.com

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