Wow! The New Farming System in Mobile Legends Season 20 Must Be Known

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New Farming System in Mobile Legends that You Must Know!


hello buddy Vicigers, Are you an old loyal player in Mobile Legends? you must know this! Discussion of the new roam and jungle systems in Mobile Legends that you must know!

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Some time ago the Mobile Legends advance server received a massive update, changes to the roaming and jungle systems occurred on the advance server.

This change then issued a new style of play and finally Moonton withdrew the change which would later come back to further refine it.

Item Blends into Shoes

New Roaming and Jungle System in Mobile Legends Season 20, Must Know!
Source: GGWPid

In this new system, roam and jungle items merge with shoes, you will be able to buy shoe items as usual with the addition of roam or jungle item effects.

Keep in mind that your Vicigers cannot combine the two items more than one because it is detrimental to one team.

You are required to buy one jungle item and one roam item in a team which will maximize the existing effects.

The purpose of merging items by themselves is enough to benefit the players, junglers and support can greatly save the slots that are usually used for these two items into other items.

System Item Upgrades

Source: GGWPid

When you have bought roam and jungle items you have to upgrade them using gold, at this point in the new system you can simply buy roam or jungle items that have been combined with shoes and complete certain tasks.

Roam items are only required to get a certain amount of passive gold from your roaming items, you need to upgrade your roam items automatically which will provide active skills from these roaming items.

In jungle items, you are required to kill jungle monsters or provide kills or assists to upgrade your jungle items.

New Item Effects

Source: GGWPid

When we have discussed the new form and upgrade system of roam and jungle items, now we will discuss the new effects given to these two items.

Jungle items will have three effects, and roam items will have four different effects. In jungle items there is an ice retribution which gives a slow effect to the enemy, then there is a fire retribution which will deal scaled damage to the enemy, then there is a bloody retribution which can absorb the enemy's HP.

There is a conceal effect that can make a team enter camouflage mode, there is also encouragement that can buff a team, then there is also a favor that can heal friends who have the lowest HP, where when they damage the enemy until their HP is below 30 percent, it will deals additional damage.

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