Listen! This is the World's First Moba Game

The World's First Moba Game

you players Dota 2 or Mobile Legends? Surely you know that the two games it is games Moba. But, you know what games The world's first moba? Check out this article to find out more.

Video development games from year to year it is increasing greatly, in line with the development of technology as well. 

What's more, it's easy for people to play games now it can be from various platform, starting from smartphone, PC, or console. They can also play games anything according to their interests and tastes.

It's only natural that the game developer compete to create interesting games with various genre. There is games which is just played casually, there are also games tend to be competitive and challenging.

One of games which is currently high in popularity is games Moba. Hearing the name Moba maybe what you have in mind is Dota 2, League of Legends or Mobile Legends which are so popular.

Although games it's included in esports with its official competition, apparently both games it is not games The world's first moba. you players games It's really mandatory to know what's going on games The world's first moba.

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Moba at a glance

The World's First Moba Game
Moba Games (Source: Gamenization)

Moba or Multiplayer Battle Online Arena is genre from a games which usually involves a fight between more than one player in the arena. 

One of the familiar maybe games 5v5 battle although there are also those that carry other than 5v5.

This type of game is indeed not easy to control because it requires good mechanical skills to play it. 

In addition, Moba also generally presents games with a fast tempo that makes the playing experience more challenging.

Currently, Moba is indeed one of the games which makes the esports scene even more elevated with various competitions that present big prizes.

In the Southeast Asian region including Indonesia, Mobile Legends is games The most popular moba. Meanwhile, on a global scale there are League of Legends and Dota 2 which are games most popular esports.

Even though games Moba has only increased in popularity in recent years, in fact games It has been around for a long time and has gone through many ages.

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The World's First Moba Game

The World's First Moba Game
Illustration of the World's First Moba Game (Source: Lost Media Archive)
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Games One of the most popular MOBAs in the world is Dota, but not Dota 2 by Valve Corporation. The reason is, Dota itself also takes inspiration from games other meaning is not games The world's first moba.

Games The first in the world to appear was the Aeon of Strife which was actually a mod starcraft. The mod itself is a modification games developed by players through tools and engine from games other.

Many people mistake the first DotA game for Warcraft 3 as the first MOBA, but they are wrong. DotA in Warcraft 3 is what popularized the genre, but Aeon of Strife in Starcraft invented the genre.

In this case, Starcraft, which was released in 1998, has features such as map editing or map making. This feature allows players to create maps or games themselves.

Starcraft is a map custom featuring 3 lanes and 8 playable heroes. Destroying the main structure of the enemy is the ultimate goal of this game. Since Starcraft didn't have the same RPG elements in the engine, mappers had to improvise.

Despite the lack of game features, Aeon of Strife still contains all the core elements of a modern MOBA, only in a simpler form. So, this concept of Aeon of Strife became the beginning of its birth games Moba that you guys are playing now.

The AoS concept was eventually adapted to Warcraft 3 with the same features that allow players to create games or mod themselves. In 2022, someone appears who creates a mod with the name Defense of the Ancients or Dota.

If in Aeon you use AI to control enemies, in Dota you can fight enemies who are controlled directly by other players. In addition, there are other elements such as items, minions, and of course it takes teamwork to play Dota. 

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Moba Game Development

The World's First Moba Game
Moba Games (Source: Steam)

Over time, Dota became mod games so popular that many of the Warcraft 3 players ended up playing Dota. The Dota community began to emerge with a site called Dota-Allstars with more than one million accounts in it.

This popularity eventually gave birth to the first esports scene for Dota with various tournaments and cash prizes. With so many tournaments popping up, players started making Dota teams.

A few years later, Dota slowly became games competitive and be a pioneer of the makers games. They started to create a game with the same concept that eventually gave rise to genre The new one is Moba.

From there, some games Moba is starting to release several examples, there are Dota 2 by Valve Corporation and League of Legends. Both of them continue to rise in popularity among gamers corner of the world.

Even so, game developer still does not stop to compete with the second popularity games it by creating a rival. In line with the development of technology and the esports industry, developer start to enter the device market mobile in the games Moba.

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Well, that's the review about games The world's first Moba which turned out to be from a mod. concept from mod that is the beginning of the creation of the Moba game.

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