Windows 10 Tips & Tricks You Must Know – Part 2

Windows 10 tips & tricks

Hi Vicigers! Let's continue, let's discuss tips and tricks in operating Windows 10. For the previous discussion, you can read on Part 1 yes!

  • Open Items on Your Taskbar With Keyboard Shortcuts

Taskbar with keyboard shortcuts
Taskbar with keyboard shortcuts

If you've pinned a program to your taskbar at the bottom of the screen to create a shortcut, you don't need to click an icon to open it. Instead, use a keyboard shortcut by pressing the key Windows + (Number keys), with the number keys corresponding to the program's position on the Taskbar. For example, Windows key + 1 will open the first item on the Taskbar, and so on. Numbering starts from the program on the far left on the taskbar.

This is certainly very useful if you are focused on typing and don't want to lift your finger from the keyboard. So if you want to open another program on the taskbar, it will be easier with this shortcut.

  • Find Out How Much Storage Space Is Used By Application Programs

Storage settings in Windows 10
Storage settings in Windows 10

Is your laptop/PC starting to run slower due to running out of storage space? One efficient way to speed up your laptop/PC's performance is to get rid of application programs that take up more storage space than they should, especially if you don't use them often.

To see how much storage space an application program is using, go to Settings – System – Storage. Click the drive you want to find, and click Apps & Features to see a list of application programs installed on your laptop/PC and how much storage space it uses. You probably won't uninstall Google Chrome even if the browser takes up a lot of storage space. But you may find that some of your older games that you haven't played in years are something that is perfectly natural to uninstall.

  • Get Rid Of Ads In Your Start Menu

Turn off ads in Windows 10 Start menu
Turn off ads in Windows 10 Start menu
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When you run Windows 10 with default settings, sometimes you may see apps on the right side of your Start menu. Microsoft calls them “suggestions”, but they're actually ads for Windows Store apps that you can buy.

To get rid of ads in your Windows 10 Start menu, go to Settings – Personalization – Start. Turn off the “Show suggestions occasionally in Start” setting.

  • Turning off background apps

turn off background apps
Steps to turn off background apps in Windows 10

Apps running in the background can receive info, send notifications, and keep getting updates, even when you're not using them. This can be a double-edged sword. on the one hand it can be useful, but on the other hand it can also suck up your battery and data quota, if you have a limited quota.

To control which apps run in the background and save your battery power and data quota. Open Settings – Privacy – Background apps. To stop all apps from running in the background, turn off the toggle Let apps run in the background. Or you can also choose which apps to run in the background one by one by looking at the list of apps on the same page.

  • Show File Extensions In File Explorer

Show file extension in file explorer
Showing file extensions in file explorer in Windows 10

Microsoft hides file extensions by default, maybe you will find it difficult to find the file you are looking for because the extension is not visible, or you can't quickly distinguish which images have the extension JPEG, JPG. GIF, or PNG. To be able to view file extensions in File Explorer, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the search bar at the bottom of the screen, and type File Explorer Options, then click.
  2. In the window that appears, click the tab View.
  3. Uncheck the box that says Hide extensions for known file types. Click Apply, and OK. Now you can see the file extensions for all files in your File Explorer.

You can also use the menu File Explorer Options to choose to show empty drives, hidden files and folders, and more.

Wow, I don't think there are a lot of tips and tricks that we have shared with you, I hope it's useful. Actually, there are many more tips and tricks in Windows 10, but we will discuss them on another occasion.

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