Why is Angry Birds Timeless?

Angry Birds has been around for 10 years and doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. With the game world continuing to grow and more and more games developing, playing Angry Birds in 2020 still feels fresh and exciting. It is recognized that it was the Angry Birds game that made the entire genre of physics puzzle games popular.

Angry Birds of each series always get success. This is the only game made by Rovio Entertainment Corporation that became very famous. Angry Birds was able to beat Plants vs Zombies from the popular Pop Cap Games. Angry Birds turned into a must-have game on PC, mobile, and even consoles and also turned into a TV series and even a movie. Why has Angry Birds been able to survive so long even today?

Support from Rovio

Not a few developers who after releasing a game then leave it without updating. There are indeed some game developers who put a lot of DLC in some parts but that's about it and then they move on to other projects. However, what's surprising from Rovio Entertainment Corporation is that they still support the first game of Angry Birds which manages them well.

It doesn't matter how many games Rovio has released over the past 10 years ranging from spin-off games, new games, RPGs, racing, and even fighting/puzzle games reminiscent of Capcom's Super Puzzle Fighter. But even though there are many games released by Rovio, they still add new content to the first game even though it's only a little. Well, that's his dedication to the Angry Birds game.

Gameplay Never Turned Stale

Games develop like movies or TV series. Certain games may be relevant at some point in a decade but then become obsolete a few years later. For example, the fast-paced arcade FPS games took the world by storm from the late 90s to early 2000s; see 007: Goldeneye, Quake and Medal of Honor. The genre later evolved into a more realistic approach while still maintaining the adrenaline-pumping experience in today's gaming market; Call of Duty and Battlefield as the best examples.

However, the Angry Birds formula remains the same and is still relevant in the modern gaming world. Not to mention that this game will keep players playing for hours on end thanks to its 680 levels and more. There's nothing more exciting than taking on a challenge from Angry Birds to unlock level after level that is presented. Maybe it only takes a few days to complete all the levels in Angry Birds. But players will never be bored to start again from the first level after completing all levels.

Controls Are Still Very Relevant

Just like the gameplay, the controls have also become outdated for certain games that were released a few years ago. Look at RTS games with hotkeys or Third Person Shooter in the 2000s for example. However, Angry Birds still maintains good controls which are not far from today's standards. Anyone can still pick up and play the game regardless of how old the game is.

The depiction is still very neat

As far as gameplay and controls are concerned, visual and audio presentation are also important. Games, especially 3D ones, show their age in some areas as time goes on. But for Angry Birds, this is like a game that is "ageless" because it never looks outdated at all. Still looks fresh, bright and pleasing to the eye. The advantages of audio and music are also offered well in this Angry Birds game.

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