What to Look For When Playing Solo vs Duo!

Solo vs Duo

There are lots of things to pay attention to when playing solo vs duo in Free Fire ranked mode. Considering that some players who are new to this battle royale genre mobile game often find it difficult to get out of this situation. In fact, not infrequently they are easily overthrown and must be willing to return to the lobby quite quickly because of this.

Therefore, we will provide some tips for you to be able to face one to several opponents around you. Moreover, don't panic too much when you encounter situations like this.

In addition, this information is also quite helpful for those of you who often play solo ranked in bars. Because, players with this type will not hesitate to hunt down enemies who are usually a lot when all the items that are brought are felt to be complete.

Here's What to Pay Attention to When Playing Solo vs Duo

  • Understand the Situation

When you hear an exchange of gunshots, then you have to check the small map on the top left. Make sure, there is a display of the direction of the red arrow first.

Then, you can go to that location like confident to be able to overcome all your opponents. Remembering, in this situation you will be the third person who will never be expected to exist. Obviously, you can immediately barge in to find and finish off your one-on-one opponent.

Indeed this will be a big enough gamble for you to win from this situation. However, there are opponents who will usually look for loot items first or there are enemies who are changing positions with blood that has decreased quite a lot when the sound of the exchange of gunshots stops. Yes, this is a good moment for you to beat all your opponents.

However, don't forget to prepare and immediately use a shield when going to war with other opponents. Remembering, it keeps you from getting hit first if your opponent has good shooting reflexes.

  • Loot Too Long

Maybe, you can also learn from the mistakes of your enemy who is busy looting when the location is not really safe. Yes, this will also apply to you when you have finished off enemies in that location (especially in open areas).

It's not impossible, you will be the target of enemies who already know your existence. However, this is usually a basic mistake made by new players in Free Fire.

For that, we advise you to be able to loot items and weapons quickly. The trick, you just need to look for items or important weapons that are needed. Obviously, you can't carry a lot of useless items or choose to change weapons again.

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