What does Nolep mean? Here's the full explanation

What Nolep . Means

For those of you who like to play games, play social media, or anime fans, surely you know or hear the word nolep, right? Although generally used for joking, it never hurts to know what nolep means.

Over time, language also experienced development, especially slang or slang increasingly varied among young people. No wonder the use of this language is now a trend.

Young people often use slang in their daily lives. They usually adapt the language from abbreviations, borrowed words from English, or even new words.

Well, one of the words included in the slang is nolep, which you may often hear on social media. The word comes from a foreign language which is then absorbed and adapted to Indonesian pronunciation.

Even though you often hear it or even use it as a joke, you also need to know what nolep means. This is done so that you are not arbitrary and do not misplace the word to someone.

For that, those of you who want to know more about what nolep means, just take a look at this article because we will review it for you.

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What does Nolep mean?

What Nolep . Means
Nolep . illustration

Nolep is indeed a slang that you often interact with and maybe use as a joke. However, some of you may still be curious about what nolep really means.

If you find out what nolep means through the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), you will definitely not find its meaning. The reason is, the word is not registered in the KBBI because it is a loan word from English.

Nolep comes from the English word No Life which is translated into Indonesian. So, the spelling of the word is very different from the word in the original language.

Literally, No Life or Nolep means no life, no life, or no life. Even so, the word nolep has a fairly broad meaning, not limited to people who don't want to do anything.

Many people interpret the slang as a satire for the attitude of someone who prefers to spend time alone. Indeed, people who are considered lonesome often close themselves off and lack interaction with the outside environment.

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Behavioral Characteristics of Nolep

What Nolep . Means
Nolep . illustration
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After knowing what nolep means, you also need to know what are the characteristics or characteristics of a nolep person. Maybe you have habits or behaviors that refer to the nolep lifestyle. Here are some of its characteristics.

Lack of interaction and close to the outside world

As it means that they have no life, the first characteristic of the nolep is that they do not interact with the surrounding environment. In fact, they tend to close themselves off from the outside world.

Nolep people like to be alone

Still closely related to the previous one, the next characteristic of nolep people is that they prefer to be alone so they have less social interaction. No wonder some of them don't have many friends in real life.

More Frequent Interaction with Gadgets

Because they are more often alone, they prefer to interact with devices gadgets, like playing games, social media, watching series or movies, and so on. In addition, they also have more friends in cyberspace.

lazy to do activities

Nolep people also tend to be lazy to do activities because they prefer to be alone and lazy to do anything, including sports. Not only that, they are also lazy to interact with the outside world.

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Some Ways To Not Sleep

If you have habits or behaviors that refer to some of the sleepy traits above, you can try to change them. Indeed, at first you may find it difficult to get out of that comfort zone.

There are several ways that you can try so you don't become a negligent person. Here's how you can do it.

Improve Yourself

The first step you can take so you don't fall asleep is to improve yourself, whether from habits, personality, to behavior. Start to be more open and care about the surrounding environment.

Do Useful Activities

The next step to change your lifestyle so you don't fall asleep is to do useful activities. Even though you still like to work alone, do things that can support productivity.

Join the Community

The next step so that you can start getting out of your comfort zone like nolep is to join a community. Try to join a community that has hobbies and passion the same as you.

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Expand Association 

This step is almost the same as the previous one, namely by expanding the relationship as a way to get out of the nolep lifestyle. There are many benefits that you can get when doing social interaction.

Well, that was a review of what nolep means, which is often heard as a joke or satire for people who like to be alone and lack interaction. In addition, from this review, you can also know the characteristics of behavior and ways you can try to get out of your comfort zone such as sleep.

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