Types of Call of Duty Mobile Sniper Weapons

Call of Duty Mobile
Like other FPS (first person shooter) games, the Call of Duty Mobile game also presents a variety of weapons that can be picked up
player. Each type of weapon has its own characteristics. Including the type of weapon provided, namely the Sniper Rifle. Call of Duty sniper weapon types
This mobile is suitable for players who like long range combat.
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Call of Duty Mobile
Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapons are indeed capable of dealing very painful damage, causing the target to be frightened. For
it is known that there are various sizes as a benchmark for checking weapon specifications, namely the level of damage, fire rate, accuracy, mobility, and also range. Four types of Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapons are provided, consisting of the DL Q33, Arctic.50, XPR-50 and M21EBR. The types of Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapons have several specifications, namely:
Sniper Rifle Type DL Q33
The DL Q33 series includes the first sniper weapon that can be used to start combat in Call of Duty Mobile. This Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapon is of course not on the same level as other types of sniper weapons, but it's pretty good for novice players who want to learn and master this type of sniper rifle.
Arctic Type Sniper Rifle.50
Another choice of Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapons is also quite appropriate for players who like to use a quickscope and high movement. In order to be able to try out this type of weapon, players are required to have reached level 29.
Sniper Rifle Type M21EBR
These are the best Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapons to choose from. In order to be able to try out the sophistication of this weapon, players must first go through level 29.
Sniper Rifle Type XPR-50
This Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapon can only be used after reaching level 88. This XPR-50 type weapon has the highest fire rate compared to other sniper rifle options in the Call of Duty Mobile game.
Using a Sniper Rifle type weapon in Call of Duty Mobile certainly can't be careless. Various things must be considered carefully so that the shot
not miss. Important tips for using Call of Duty sniper weapons are as follows:
1. Position
Call of Duty players who want to become snipers must be able to read positions carefully and be very careful. Players must observe
around hideouts, minimaps, and standing points. Quickly change places if the shot doesn't hit the target.
2. Target
Players must also observe the target position carefully. Players must prioritize aiming at the target in a standing position. After that new
aiming for another target.
3. Reserve weapon
Players must try to also equip themselves with spare weapons. The gun is the right weapon when facing an opponent with
melee weapon in hand.
In addition to sniper type weapons, Call of Duty Mobile also provides a type of Sub-Machine Gun which is abbreviated as SMG. This type of weapon offers a high fire rate that makes it easy for players to finish off opponents without armor. This type of SMG is quite suitable to be used in the early game. Because at the beginning of the game generally all players don't have armor or helmets, so they are easier to kill. But players also have to be careful if the opponent has used armor because SMG weapons do not cause great damage.
1. SMG Chicom
This Chicom type SMG is immediately available when the player has passed level 130. Chicom is able to produce such great damage. Then for level
The fire rate is also high so it's completely adequate to rely on in battle.
2. SMG AKS-74U
This AKS-74U type weapon is immediately available when players have passed level 7. This Sub-Machine Gun option is often taken by most Call of Duty players.
Duty Mobile because it offers a satisfactory level of damage, accuracy and fire rate.
For SMG, this type of MSMC can be used when the player has reached level 80. This Call of Duty Mobile weapon is similar to the AKS-74U type but
offers a better fire rate.
4. SMG HG 40
This choice of Call of Duty Mobile weapons can be obtained when you are at level 40. Even though it is in the SMG category, if you pay attention,
the statistics displayed, the HG40 type is even similar to the Assault Rifle category.
5. SMG PDW57
This weapon should be obtained when the player reaches level 80, it's just that it can also be obtained directly through the login event.
It turns out that there are many choices of Call of Duty Mobile sniper weapons, including the SMG type. Players should always pay attention to weapon stats before
use it to suit the battlefield to be lived. Don't miss it to always get news updates
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