5 Weaknesses of Hero Gord in Mobile Legends, Can't Escape!

Hero Mage Gord

Gord becomes a hero Mobile Legends who can't escape. Apparently, there are 5 weaknesses of Gord's hero that you should know before deciding to buy it.

Gord is one of the Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero has great damage in the early and later games. Gord is a special hero because this hero gets a Legend skin which is the most expensive, most expensive and most unique skin in Mobile Legends.

However, this hero is less attractive in Mobile Legends. Check out the calibration, the five weaknesses of Gord's hero, what are the weaknesses of Gord's hero? Let's see below. 

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List of Weaknesses of Hero Gord MLBB

On this occasion, we will provide information about the weaknesses of Gord's hero that you need to know, especially with the support of your users. Now take a closer look at the following review.

Very Easy to Lock Enemy

Hero Gord Weaknesses

The weakness of Gord's first hero in Mobile Legends and less interesting is that he can be easily locked, which makes it easier to kill Gord when fighting or farming.

Shooting it is very easy, because none of the skills this hero has that has a blink effect, you have to run to avoid the opponent. To overcome this weakness, you can use flashing battle spells to flash in a certain direction.

The Escape ability is very important for the escape of Gord's hero. All of his abilities are offensive and difficult to escape from ganking attacks.

To play this single hero, you need to use flicker or flame as the main battle scene so you can easily escape from the enemies you attack in Mobile Legends.

Has Very Low Durability

Hero Gord Weaknesses

The weakness of Gord's hero is less desirable in Mobile Legends is that it has very low durability, this makes it incapable of war for a long time because it is very easy to kill.

The following are some reasons why Gord's hero has very low durability: First, because this hero does not carry high physical and magical defense attributes, this makes all incoming damage unstoppable. 

Second, because none of his skills provide a shield, Gord's HP is really soft to kill. Then the last reason that makes this hero have low durability is because he has a low lifesteal effect, this makes him unable to last long while in war.

There is no surefire way to deal with this, Gord must play it safe and be careful. Of course it came because Gord was actually one of the hero mages as a damage dealer and also gave CC to his opponent.

Moonton really balances this hero by putting him in bad shape. The drawback is of course he has to play as safe as possible, you also have to keep your distance so he can play freely in Mobile Legends, make sure you don't play too offside when playing this single hero. 

Relying Too Much on Ulti

Hero Gord
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Weaknesses of heroes Gord in other Mobile Legends is because he relies heavily on ultimate skills, it is a deadly weakness. Of the four skills this hero has, only his last skill (Mystic Gush) is capable of dealing bush damage. Without the help of this skill, he is very difficult to kill his opponent's hero.

This weakness makes him less effective in group warfare, being immortal and easily tenacious. There is an effective way to overcome this, he can buy Fleeting Time items so that his ultimate skill can be used continuously. Good luck!

Belt counter production is very quick and easy. If Gord uses his ultimo, now your job is to get closer to Gord to maximize it, use more heroes with flashing abilities, such as Moskov or helcurt, then attack Gord from close range.

Can't Solo in Late Game

Hero Gord Weaknesses

Weaknesses of heroes Gord in Mobile Legends is less interesting is that he can't play solo later in the game, actually he can play solo later in the game, but he can easily be killed and be the last on the team.

If he really wanted to do something about it. He has very low endurance and does not have the ability to blink, this hero can easily kill even a tank hero. For this, he has to play with friends, if the game has entered the game later, don't be alone!

He moved by being suspended from a flying board, but unfortunately he was too slow to run. That's why many Gord users use sprint or flicker to overcome it, so that there is more action when playing Mobile Legends.

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Can't Carry Team

Hero Gord Weaknesses

The last reason this hero is less attractive in Mobile Legends is that he can't bring a team, this is the main reason why he is less attractive.

Gord can't lead the team because this hero is not agile, can't directly kill the opponent's hero, can't split push and solo Lord. As a result, he always relied on winning over others and became a less recommended hero for solo players.

This last option allows you to stay still and you have to focus on your opponent. To increase accuracy accurately, you can use the d-pad to keep attacks on the opponent and not cancel when attacking.

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Well, those are the five weaknesses of Gord's hero in Mobile Legends that make him less attractive. Knowing the five things above, it's natural that this hero is not so interesting in Mobile Legends. Are Vicigers friends interested in this hero?

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