5 Weaknesses of Hero Fanny in Mobile Legends, Difficult to Use!

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One of the most used heroes is Fanny. Therefore, he is not suitable for use by beginners. There are 5 weaknesses of Fanny's hero in Mobile Legends What you should know before buying it.

Fanny as a very skilled and deadly assassin hero in Mobile Legends, this hero is perfect for those of you who like to play barbaric and aggressive. Even though he is a physical hero. However, he has a lot of damage early in the game, so he is deadly early in the game.

Behind all these advantages, it turns out that this hero also has weaknesses. Curious about Fanny's hero weakness? Let's see below. 

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List of Weaknesses of Hero Fanny ML

The following is a review of Fanny's hero weaknesses in Mobile Legends based on the author's experience in playing this one hero.

Very Easy to Beat

Hero Fanny's Weakness

The first weakness of Fanny's hero is that it is easy to defeat or fight because she has to lean on her body to do damage. When approaching, he is very easy to lock up and kill if your hands don't move fast.

To defeat him, you must make sure before attacking that the hero's stun ability has been used. Heroes that Fanny has to watch out for are: Hylos, Franco, Chou, Khufra, Akai and Helcurt.

This hero is very easy to kill with a few attacks. That's why Fanny's game relies heavily on her speed and good movement to maintain her balance.

Even though he uses defensive items, he is not as strong as other tank heroes. This hero seems to have great damage, even though some are used to build tanks. 

Hard to Master

Hero Fanny's Weakness

Weaknesses of heroes Fanny next is very difficult to master, why? Because before playing it, you must first master all the contents of the skill, know the combination of the two skills, have strong hand movements and know the time.

If Vicigers friends play indifferently, the consequences can be a burden to the team, because the team distracts you, feels and reads you. Tips on how to quickly master this hero are to always practice, always look for professional players, don't be shy to ask questions and work hard.

Know that this one hero is the toughest hero you can control in Mobile Legends. As a result, Fanny's hero users in Mobile Legends are rare and other professionals are certainly honored to be able to become this hero. You will definitely be famous if you know how to use this hero.

Depends on Buff

Hero Fanny's Weakness
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Weaknesses of heroes Another fanny is that she relies a lot on buffs, she is too big and uncomfortable. Why rely so heavily on buffs? Because he wasted a lot of energy, of the three skills he had, the second was the strongest.

If you don't use buffs, energy is easily drained, skills are no longer useful, very weak, can no longer fight and of course are no longer deadly. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this problem, because buffs are something this hero has to use.

With that much energy, of course, you really rely on buffs as savers to take advantage of the energy. By using the buff, you will spend half of its energy for normal use. Not only that, cooling down was also faster and he could maximize his skills.

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Can't Solo Lord

Hero Fanny's Weakness
Lord Mobile Legends

The next weakness of Fanny's hero is that she can't kill Lord herself, that's her weakness. Fanny is the only Assassin hero who can't kill Lord himself, that's because the damage from his base attack doesn't hurt, his power can't be refreshed when Lord flicks and has a slow lifesteal.

Because of that, he will have a hard time supporting the team in using the meta hyper carry. The only thing to overcome is to ask a teammate for help.

This can make it very difficult for you to play. Because every fan movement is limited by this single energy issue. If she doesn't use her own energy, Fanny will become a strong and deadly heroine, so Moonton limits this hero in this single energy.

Weak in Late Game

Hero Fanny's Weakness

The last weakness of Fanny's hero is weakness when it's late game. He is strong only in the early game, while in the late game he is weak, this is because the damage and endurance of the opponent's hero is so great that he has difficulty killing and closing the opponent.

This can only get worse if the opposing hero has a lot of stunts and Fanny doesn't have the blinking skill. To overcome this, you have to play fast, push push and split ray at the beginning of the game. Don't let the game continue until the next game.

This Fanny user will have no trouble attacking opponents. Because he is completely free of any amazing, slow or other updates.

Unlike most other heroes, CC is indeed the main requirement so that the hero is very OP in Mobile Legends. He can only rely on his speed and agility to solve this problem in Mobile Legends.

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Well, those are the five weaknesses of Fanny's hero that you must understand. The only way to overcome all these weaknesses is to practice using it regularly, good luck!

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