Warbound Storm, Battle Strategy War on Android

A pioneer of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre games, games with the RTS (Real Time Strategy) concept also have a myriad of players. That's because this type of game has a complicated plot which of course will have many strategies that can be used. Some popular games with that concept are Starcraft and World of Warcraft. And now there's another one debuting, Warbound Storm.

However, RTS games as well as PC games have not been widely implemented for the Android platform. Warbound Storm is the newest game from NetEase Games which is very fun to play. Here the players have to compete with ingenuity in terms of the strategies applied in order to defeat the opponent and achieve victory. Read on for the following Android RTS Warbound Storm game review.

Strength Card Making Strategy

When you start playing Warbound Storm, of course, players will feel that this game is similar to the PC game Warcraft or Starcraft. Players are required to run 1v1 duels with other players. The capital is an army that has previously been formed and formulated. In Warbound Storm, players must build various buildings to produce different troops, including building towers as shelters.

Like games with other RTS concepts, the mission of this game is to collect as much score as possible while destroying enemy forts. However, first the player must have compiled a combination of troops that have various skills both for long and close range. Furthermore, players must also build troops based on their function, which is positioned as support, tanker or nuker.

Towards the start of the game, players must mix troops in the form of cards and then place them in the deploy column. Each card contains the name and image of the Hero used, attack statistics and HP owned. Then there is also a target counter Hero that is easily defeated. Each card outside the deploy, can also be used to fragment and then combined or fusion with other cards to form a new card. However, if players combine cards of different quality, players are welcome to change the number of cards to be combined.

Each game takes place, players are only allowed to use one deck of cards consisting of 8 cards. Now, players must try to mix the eight cards so that they can complement each other's roles and of course be adjusted to the playing technique as well as the strategy used. Each subsequent card can also be used to upgrade the level so that it can be stronger.

The Right Strategy is Victory

Carrying the concept of the RTS game, the right strategy is the main capital to win the battle in Warbound Storm. Therefore, players must be able to carefully arrange cards according to the strategy they want to carry out. After that, it was time to build buildings, including the route for the movement of the troops that were deployed. Players must also be able to ensure the availability of resources so that they can increase their level while obtaining strong troops when needed.

At the beginning of the Warbound Storm game, players can climb up to the control tower so they can monitor enemies from a distance. Next, players must quickly build several buildings including Heavy Barracks, Light Barracks, Air Barracks, Crystal Mine and Magic Tower with the aim of collecting crystal resources. After that also set up a number of turrets for the purpose of carrying out attacks on enemy troops when they began to enter the territory.

Next, the player regulates the course of the troops used, for example, the tank troops must move first. Then the army of archers was stationed behind itself. Players can also set up another turret, then design its position so that it becomes effective.

Fair Match with Ranked

As mentioned above, the game Warbound Storm adopts 1v1 duels against other players. This game also applies a competitive mechanism, because there is a ranked mode that can be played with the target being the first position player. Therefore, the acquisition of these positions can also affect matchmaking when starting the fight. Usually the Warbound Storm system immediately chooses the opponent following the rankings and statistics. That way the game can be fair, not one-sided.

RTS is a game concept that has not been found for many mobile devices. The presence of Warbound Storm can certainly satisfy players who like tactical fighting games who usually play PC games. Not only adopting the RTS genre, Warbound Storm also presents various new features, including deploy cards or fusion cards that have not been found in similar games. Interestingly enough, this game has the opportunity to be chosen as a game to be competed in the esports arena because it offers a fair competitive system.

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