Listen! Tips to Play Vexana After Revamp!

Learning tips for playing Vexana is important right now because this hero has just received a revamp. After this hero gets a revamp, of course Vexana will become a new meta hero in Land of Dawn and many regular players to pro players will use it.


Vexana is one of the heroes in Indonesia Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who has the potential to change the overall course of the game with his abilities. Although in this case there are also many other heroes who can also play a role in several situations and conditions, Vexana has its own way of doing it.

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One way is to create shadow clones of his enemies to confuse them. As one of the Mage-type heroes, Vexana will show her maximum ability if this hero is built with the right items, emblems, and skills.

Therefore, for MLBB lovers, it is obligatory to know tips for playing Vexana so that when using this hero in the Land of Dawn, Vexana can become a feared hero in battle.

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Vexana's Ability

Tips for playing Vexana
Vexana Revamp

One of the active abilities of this hero is Vexana has low cooldowns, this means that it becomes a passive ability and is one of Vexana's ultimate weapons that can absolutely change the course of the game in almost all scenarios in the game being played.

Although this hero has a fairly simple mechanic, Vexana's abilities have some small details that can help teammates in battles in the Land of Dawn.

When Vicigers want to use this hero, it is highly recommended to play at custom room first before knowing how to use Vexana further in Ranked. For that, here are the abilities of Vexana that you must pay attention to:

  1. Charmed Specters: Vexana uses Charmed Specter to release phantom power who rushed forward in straight line determined and deals damage to enemies caught in its path. What makes this ability so efficient is that every time an enemy hero does contact in the phantom power, they will lose control of their hero in no time and are affected by the “Horrified” debuff.
  2. Nether Snare: This ability can allow Vexana to summon her cursed power which can produce bursts of magic damagee in a small radius. Although there is a slight delay in this ability, it will make it better to stay behind the enemy team as a way to punish their retreat.
  3. Cursed Oaths: This ability can place a debuff on a targeted enemy hero and will continue to deal magic damage for eight seconds. After this ability time runs out, Vexana will make an enemy hero doll that can be controlled like any other hero. This attack can also apply the Necromancy Spell which can produce several painful combos.
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Game Tips

Tips for playing Vexana
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To use Vexana's hero, apart from having to pay attention to items and emblems, players also have to know how to play the gameplay when using this hero. Because if you don't understand Vexana's gameplay, items and emblems that have been built from the start will be useless.

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Here are tips for playing Vexana in the gameplay:

  1. Bush is this hero's best friend. Use it to surprise your enemies.
  2. Always use Skill 1 from Vexana first before using Skill 2. Use Skill 1 first to ensure the enemy cannot move for a long time, so Skill 2 Vexana will be successfully launched to the enemy.
  3. Keep in mind that Clone Mechanics don't actually make your Clone strong enough to support teammates. Therefore, you have to use Ultimate on Tanks or Marksman to get the maximum results that you want to clone.
  4. The Vexana clone will deal High Damage with High HP, so aiming for Tanks is a good target.
  5. Clones can deal Critical Damage to enemy Basic Attacks, therefore Marksman or other heroes that deal Critical Damage continuously can be a big target.
  6. Use the Glowing Wand and Holy Crystal to fully utilize the Ultimate Vexana Power.
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Vexana Essential Items

Tips for playing Vexana
Vexana Revamp

To make this hero even more fearful, a supporting item is needed so that Vexana can add attributes and several other abilities. The following items must be purchased when using Vexana:

  1. Demon Shoes: This item can give Mana Regeneration.
  2. Clock of Destiny: This item is very important because it can increase HP and Magic Attack every 30 seconds, up to 10 times. When 10 times HP and Magic Attack increase, the item can provide additional Mana and an additional 5% Magic Attack.
  3. Lightning Truncheon: This item is the main source of damage from Vexana. This item will deal Burst Damage and deal additional damage, depending on your Mana. In addition, this item can deal extra damage by spreading magic damage to enemies as a Lightning.
  4. Holy Crystals: This item will increase Magic Attack drastically and work well when combined with Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon.
  5. Glowing Wands: This item can deal Magic Damage based on the enemy's HP.

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