Various reasons why Dragon Raja is worth waiting for its release

Various reasons why Dragon Raja is worth waiting for its release


Hi Friends ViciGers! Do you know why so many people are waiting for the release of this 1st game called Dragon Raja? Come on. Check out the following summary of Dragon Raja that we have made.

Loong Entertainment and Epic Games collaborated on developing Dragon Raja. The game that uses Unreal Engine 4 raises a futuristic concept with a touch of cyberpunk. This game also managed to amaze mobile MMORPG connoisseurs when it was released by Tencent Games for the Chinese server.

Now, Dragon Raja has entered the pre-registration stage for the Southeast Asia (SEA) regional Play Store after previously being released for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, and European servers.

Best Graphics in Mobile MMORPG Realm

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja has beautiful and detailed graphics for a mobile MMORPG. At least, for now, this game can be said to be one of the best in its genre. This can also be the main attraction for gamers to play this game.

Previously, we knew Black Desert Mobile (BDM) as one of the mobile MMORPG titles that had very stunning graphics. However, the development of technology is indeed very fast. After BDM, it must be admitted that Dragon Raja appears with much more stunning graphics.

Players will also be presented with detailed elements, lighting, or animations that are very perfect. The graphical improvements from Dragon Raja have become the new standard in terms of graphics for mobile MMORPGs. Even at first glance, the graphics of this game look like PC MMORPG graphics.

Attractive Futuristic Packaging

There are so many mobile MMORPG titles that are too influenced by the menu of the PC MMORPG. It's as if this dish has become a mandatory standard in the MMORPG genre. Simply put, medieval or war-era packaging complete with graphic presentations seems to be a mandatory element. As a result, the difference in presentation usually comes from skill effects or character designs.

Different from many mobile MMORPG titles, Dragon Raja has a futuristic packaging. With the post-apocalyptic era, the future world is depicted in a very modern way. Inside, players will also find a hint of cyberpunk as a very fresh aesthetic standard for a mobile MMORPG.

The futuristic packaging will certainly provide a much different playing experience from many other mobile MMORPG game titles. Moreover, currently there are still a few MMORPGs that carry a future background.

Challenging Boss Fight System

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For your information, "Dragon Raja" which is the title of this game is the name of an ancient dragon in lore that wakes up from its sleep to destroy the world. Later, players will take on the role of humans who have hybrid powers—a combination of human and dragon powers. Equipped with the latest technology, the human race will fight against the dragon to save the world.

Reflecting on the background of the story above, Dragon Raja presents an epic battle against dragons. As a shadow, you can see the fight against a very challenging Boss Fight, like in World Of Dragonest for example.

Of course, you can fight the Boss Fight together with your friends. Boss fights can also be fought in dungeons. To get a peek at the fight, you can search for it on YouTube, because there are so many players—especially from the Chinese server, who have already shared footage of the fight.

Innovation in Customization Features

Game features become an important dish in the game MMORPG Mobile. Usually, this element will be oriented towards fighting against enemies (PvE or PvP) in various forms, such as dungeons, raids, or Boss Fights.

In addition, the game features also include making and upgrading weapons, gathering materials, or social systems (friends or guilds or clans). With the right game features, players will experience a much more diverse playing experience.

Dragon Raja has game features that are fairly fresh. The reason is, there are several features that have never been found in mobile MMORPG titles. For example, there is a characterization feature that allows players to choose and shape character traits.

Yep, character customization is not only limited to appearance, but also character traits. The formation of these traits can be done gradually in the game, just like real life. This game feature makes Dragon Raja like an MMORPG simulation.

Job Features, More Freshness in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja has one feature that is quite interesting to try, namely work. It should be noted, the "job" in question is not a choice of class, role, or job like MMORPGs in general, but jobs that players can do in the game.

As the name suggests, the players can later have jobs that can be worked on. In the US version, Dragon Raja has three jobs to choose from, namely idol, chef, or shop owner. The players will be able to choose between being a chef or an idol. Especially for the shop owner, the players will be free to choose the career or not.

The job feature is actually not a relevant enough feature when viewed from the main gameplay aspect in Dragon Raja. However, the presence of these features can be a refresher feature in addition to the main game menu.

When you become a chef, players will be able to collect ingredients, create recipes, or sell food products. In addition, when they become idols, the players will be able to perform, practice playing guitar, dance, or dress up.

As an upcoming mobile MMORPG, Dragon Raja is a title worth waiting for. In the midst of so many mobile MMORPG choices, this game has managed to show its existence by having very stunning graphic quality and very fresh character traits customization features.

Now, the game released by Tencent has opened a pre-registration period on the Google Play Store. However, it is not yet clear when Dragon Raja will be officially released for the SEA server.

What do you think about Dragon Raja? Are you one of those waiting for its release on the SEA server? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, keep up with the latest information about games only on VCGamers, OK!

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