How to Use Hero Beatrix in Season 20

Using the Hero Beatrix

Some time ago, Mobile Legend released a new hero with role marksmann named Beatrix. The appearance of this hero is the main attraction. How not, this hero is unique compared to other heroes, one of which is being able to choose 2 of the 4 available weapons. Then, How to Use Hero Beatrik is quite complicated. Therefore, see the explanation below.

Just like other marksman heroes, this Beatrix hero is very difficult to use. But if you are an expert and master it, then you can GG in every match. But unfortunately, this hero is still a banned subscription in draft pick mode. So, it is very unlikely that you will use this hero. But if you escape, then you use this hero and feel its greatness.

Are you curious about this Beatrix hero yet? So, take a look at the reviews below. So, you understand about this hero and its use.

How to use Beatrik Hero in Mobile Legend

In the latest patch 1.5.62 Mobile Legend, Moonton released a new hero with the name Beatrik. This hero with the marksman role has the characteristic of having 4 weapons at once. Similar to other marksman heroes, Beatrix has a high level of difficulty. In fact, this hero does great damage, but with thin blood.

This hero is quite complicated, because Beatrix has four different weapons. Even 4 of these weapons have different skills and attacks too. So if you use it, then you have to memorize the effects of each weapon.

The four firearms used by Beatrix are her passive skills. However, from the 4 weapons, Beatrix can only choose 2 of the 4 weapons that can be used as primary and secondary weapons. Then this hero can change weapons in battle by using the first skill.

Beatrix's Types of Weapons

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