Important! 7 New State Mobile Weapon Upgrades in March 2022

New State Mobile Weapon Upgrades

Weapon upgrades New State Mobile this is very necessary to make adjustments to some of the existing regulations and increase skills for other individual skills. You have to always improve in managing these things so that you always get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

This new state mobile weapon upgrade lasts for several seasons. However, it all depends on the kraton policy as a developer. In the following, we will review any new state mobile weapon upgrades in March 2022.

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What is New State Mobile

What is News State Mobile
What is News State Mobile

PUBG: New State is a futuristic-style multiplayer online battle royale video game developed by PUBG Studios and published by Krafton. This game was released on November 11, 2021 for iOS and Android via the App Store, Google Play Store, and Galaxy Store

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New State Mobile Weapon Upgrades in March 2022

There are several new state mobile weapon upgrade weapons this March. You have to know this so that you are more impressive in the battle royale game. For further information, you can find out below.

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Vector is an SMG that is difficult to predict. There are many types of SMGs that have a fairly high fire rate. However, this applies very hard to this one SMG. This weapon has high damage compared to other SMGs. What's more, the ammo used is so much that it can be one of your options when playing in-game.

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AKM New State

The original AKM is from 1959, so it's quite old. However, just because it's old design doesn't make it any less powerful. This gun was supposed to be a replacement for the AK-47, and looking at this list, it's clear why. The AKM uses .762mm ammunition and is great for medium range combat.

Players using this one will have to deal with recoil, but they can turn this weapon into a high fire rate monster with some nice attachments. The AKM supports a variety of silencer, magazine, and scope attachments, making it a flexible weapon for use at different distances.

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M416 New State

Before talking about the M416, we have to talk about its real counterpart, the Heckler & Koch HK416. In-game or in the real world, this weapon is one of the most tactical assault rifles available today. For people who are not easily satisfied with AKM, the M416 does the job perfectly.

The main benefits of using this weapon are its ease of use, light recoil, and overall fast firing rate. Regardless of the distance, players can properly use this weapon in close or medium range encounters to eliminate enemies. The M416 comes with five attachment points, meaning players can add scopes, magazines, stocks and muzzles to it.

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M24 New State Mobile

This sniper easily becomes a sniper in PUBG: New State, and there are various reasons for that. The number one reason for that was its ability to stealthily take out targets from an advantage. The gun comes with many attachments, but the best ones are suppressors that allow anyone to be a silent predator.

This weapon's perfect aim is all thanks to its decent recoil, which becomes lethal in combination with its 88 damage level. The attachment library for this weapon consists of multiple scopes, various magazines, and several muzzle upgrades.

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Groza New State Mobile
Groza New State Mobile

Even the world's worst players will be able to kill with Gorza. That's how to master it. The Gorza, also known as the Thunderstorm, was invented in Russia in 1992 and has since become a cult classic weapon. This weapon is a Bullpup assault rifle and has an insane rate-of-fire to damage ratio.

Gorza is not only overpowered for its power but also very easy to use. The only downside to this gun is its reload speed, but it's not. The reason for that is the fact that players can literally 1v4 melee encounters before they need to reload.

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AWM New State Mobile
AWM New State Mobile

While AWM may sound like AKM's long lost brother, it isn't. This gun is far from an assault rifle. The AWM, also known as the Arctic Warfare Magnum, is a lethal bolt-action sniper rifle that can take down targets in an instant.

Being a bolt-action rifle, the AWM is a bit slow, which is the only downside. But other than that, it's one of the deadliest snipers in the game. It could drop the best armor in one shot from a long distance. Fortunately, not everyone can get their hands on this weapon, as it is part of the in-game airdrop.

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S12K New State Mobile
S12K New State Mobile

Shotguns can be tricky to use in PUBG, but once they get perfected they become really masterful. Especially the S12K, which can literally shoot people at medium range, killing them instantly.

One big advantage the S12K has is its attachment-friendly nature and semi-automatic design. This shotgun is the best weapon to use in Team vs. Nice team and assets in normal battle royale mode.

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