Upcoming Updates on Free Fire!

Free Fire Update

This time, we will tell you about the upcoming updates on Free Fire. However, this discussion will not talk about some of the updates that are on the Advance Server. However, regarding the plans of 111dots Studio as the developer of this game in the upcoming patch update.

Apart from that, this battle royale genre mobile game from time to time continues to develop. As a result, Free Fire continues to offer new features and this also has a positive impact with many new players starting to play it.

With a pretty good response, they didn't stop to continue to satisfy all the players. In fact, often providing patch updates for the game version is a mandatory schedule for them to keep the game fun and attract more people.

Before we discuss further, we will also review a little back about the updates that were given by the Free Fire developers. Yes, Garena, who is the publisher of this game, is known to have launched a renewal of the 'Cobra' project.

About the Upcoming Free Fire Update

  • Bermuda Banter

That said, there are a lot of players on Free Fire who don't know about 111dots Studio's plans regarding the big changes to the 'Bermuda' map. Yes, the last map will probably be introduced with the name 'Bermuda Banter'. Unfortunately, it is still unknown what version of this map will be released for game updates.

Even so, rumors about this have actually been heard for quite a while. Interestingly, there is an issue that managed to steal the attention of some players in this game related to the balance of the characters. Given, until now there is one character who has the status of invincible alias 'unbeatable' namely Chrono.

Obviously, the existence of these characters in the end made the developer of this game intend to do it 'adjust' for the whole character. Moreover, this decision will make the development of the abilities of the characters in this game not too much of a difference.

  • Change of Character and Abilities

Regarding this, there are indeed some players who often choose the wrong character when they play with their friends. As a result, they also have to accept the harsh reality of being killed first by the enemy because the character does not have the desired ability.

Plus, this situation will make the player have to return to the lobby and choose a character that has the ability to use. Perhaps, this condition is also another consideration for this game developer to make the players more comfortable in the future.

Therefore, they also intend to provide features that allow players to change their features when they are in the game.

  • Character Ability Upgrade

To note, increasing the ability of characters in this game is indeed quite strange. Although, it's not too difficult to be able to collect the 'skill fragment' from the character while continuing to play. You will also find it difficult to get a lot of gold. Given, to be able to upgrade the ability it does require a lot of gold.

Although you can actually outsmart by using diamonds (via top up), this step will be quite difficult for free players to do. Regarding this situation, the developer seems to have started to listen to complaints from all the players.

The proof, they will provide a price (purchase using gold) for each character upgrade to be balanced. In addition, there is a buff that will later be adjusted to the purchase price. The plan, this update will be coming soon.

Unfortunately, the developer has not provided an official statement. It is related to how much gold will be issued by the players to be able to upgrade. Most likely, the price will be cheaper later than the previous price.

  • Skill Awakening

Maybe, for the awakening skill of the character in the game, it would be a pretty brilliant idea, for example, Free Fire actually did it. Remember, there are characters that require additional buffs such as Kelly and Hayato. However, the problem is that it requires two additional slots for its awakening ability. Of course, it will be quite wasteful (because there is a slot for normal abilities) and useless for example.

In a future update, the developer plans to put the normal and awakened abilities of the character together in one slot. For example, you will be able to use Kelly's normal abilities which can be combined with her awakening abilities. Therefore, you will not throw away the normal or awakened abilities of the character when the update for this awakening skill is present.

  • Character Skill Balancing

Similar to what we have said before, the character's abilities for the current meta are indeed not balanced. Yup, you also know that Chrono's current ability is considered OP and this makes players choose that character.

Inevitably, this makes the developer of this game intend to give nerf to the character in the next update. Moreover, you can check this on the advanced server. Interestingly, there has also appeared a new character named Xayne.

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