Underworld Office, How It Feels To Be A Ghost

Usually games with visual novel concepts will not have various actions that can be run. But on another aspect, the flow of the game style also presents a storyline that is quite captivating. Players do not have to be good at playing it but can still enjoy this game according to the desired tempo. Underworld Office  is one of those games.

Ghost Group

Underworld Office The work of the Buff Studio developer is a shame if you don't try to play it to feel the sensation. In this game, players will assume the role of a ghost to help people with nightmare disorders. So the player plays the character Eugene, a young boy with a quiet character and hates himself. One day, Eugene falls asleep while riding a train and arrives at the last stop. But the station was no ordinary building.

Due to an incident, Eugene runs towards the exit. But the exit was blocked by a trellis. When touching the trellis suddenly his spirit is released from the body and Eugene enters the ghost realm. Luckily Eugene can be helped by the members of the Underworld Office. Underworld Office itself is a group of ghosts with a mission to protect humans from evil ghost attacks. Currently, Eugene also has to work in the Underworld Office group because he feels that they have helped him.

7 Chapters

Inside story Underworld Office  actually quite short, only 7 chapters. But what makes it exciting is that this game presents a branching story. So players who choose different dialogue options will get a different story plot. Visuals from novel concept games are generally a bit boring. It only presents character illustrations, background views, and conversation boxes. Underworld Office presents another visual because it displays chat like a WA or LINE application. Not only the typical dialogue visuals, Underworld Office is also enriched with several short animated scenes that make the story even more interesting to follow.

Menus in Underworld Office  players can also access the title or titles that have been obtained, the treasury of images that have been obtained, the composition of characters, to the table of contents of the story. In order to be able to add to the collection until it is complete, players must play over and over again because they can only be obtained if the player has opened the required story.

Game Tickets

Underworld Office can be enjoyed for free. However, when choosing dialogue options, players need 5 tickets. Tickets can be obtained in 3 ways, namely watching advertisements, playing other games, and also paying for tickets using real money. But collecting tickets is not difficult. Every time you see an ad, players immediately get 40 tickets. The cooldown time to be able to watch the ad again is also not long, only 1 minute. For players who choose to play other games, it may be a bit inconvenient because it takes a lot of time. While those who want to pay using real money, the rates are quite cheap. For example, 1,000 tickets only cost Rp. 10,000. Players can also remove ads using real money.

Underworld Office  quite worthy to play because the story given is indeed interesting. Not only that, the story is also not too long so it can be completed in not so long. Moreover, players can play again to enjoy the plot of another story. Underworld Office can be enjoyed without internet for Android phones. When running it, there are ads that come out, but they don't hinder the game and can be skipped instantly. However, if players enjoy it offline, players cannot watch ads in order to get tickets.

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