Types of Players Who Push Rank in Tier Epic Mobile Legend

Epic tier

This time, we will talk about the type of players who push rank in the Epic Mobile Legend tier in season 20. Given that this season only started on March 20, 2021. Obviously, there are a lot of players who were previously in the Legend tier until Mythical Glory had to return. to the Epic tier.

In addition, there are lots of MOBA game players in this tier having difficulty being able to raise and restore the old tier. However, before that, we will also provide more detailed information about the typical players currently in this tier.

Remembering, this information will be quite helpful for you to be able to play calmly as if you are now in that tier.

This is the type of player who pushes to rank in the Epic Tier

  • Ex Top Global

When you meet players with ex-global ex-top status, you also have to avoid them. Given that these players previously held the status of being the number one or number one user for one of the heroes in a city of origin or large in the country in the previous season.

However, these players will again push (become a global top again) using their hero heroes at the beginning of this season. Remembering, when the season resets, the players who have the status as the global top will also be reset.

Obviously, in this tier you can also face or have teammates who were known in the previous season as a global top. For that, we advise you to be able to prepare heroes that you feel you have mastered when playing in ranked mode. Remembering, this also won't make you a burden on the team later.

  • Pro Team Squad

Furthermore, the typical players who will fill the excitement in the Epic tier are the pro team squad. Where, you will find pro players who will play with their squad. Obviously, this will make it difficult for you to be able to win because of the big names and achievements they have obtained.

Plus, these pro players and their squads already understand very well about the hero to be used and the counter of the opposing hero. Then, the communication made by these players is also fairly good during war and ganking situations. As a result, all these things will make them quick to return to the Mythic tier or above.

  • Youtuber Pro Player

Now there are a lot of pro players who appear in Mobile Legends such as Youtubers, former roster in an esports or small. Obviously, this indicated that anyone nowadays could become a pro player. However, you can play together or face these players, such as knowing the push ranked hours.

  • SSS

Regarding SSS, this is pretentious, pretentious and arrogant. For the first, pretentiously great, you will know the typical of this player when in draft pick/matchmaking. Where, these players will feel pretentiously great compared to other players. Then, act as a captain and will take on the role of being the team carry. Obviously, this situation must make other players on his team have to help him.

Yang kedua, sok hebat, dimana kamu bakal mengetahui pemain dengan tipikal ini saat berada di draft pick/ matchmaking. Para pemain ini biasanya bakal mengatur hero-hero yang akan di banned maupun yang akan dipilih (termasuk role-nya). Alhasil, situasi ini bakal cukup merugikan kamu  semisal tidak bisa menggunakan hero dengan role yang dipilihkan. Bukan tak mungkin, kamu bakal disalahkan saat tim kamu kalah.

Yang terakhir, sombong, dimana pemain ini bakal marah-marah dan menggunakan hak posisinya (contoh, memperlihatkan status pemakaian hero dengan win rate yang sudah dicapai) sebagai senjata andalannya. Tentu, tipikal pemain seperti ini juga bakal cukup dibenci pemain lain.

Mengingat, pemain dengan tipikal sombong ini juga bakal bermain dengan keinginan sendiri dan menghiraukan instruksi dari pemain lain. Misalnya, para pemain ini bakal memilih hero lain yang tidak sesuai role maupun battle spell yang dipilihkan disaat pemain lain sudah memilih battle spell tersebut.

  • Toxic dan AFK

Saat awal season mulai melakukan push ranked, maka kamu  bakal menemui pemain Toxic dan AFK saat melakoni 8 dari 10 pertandingan. Biasanya, para pemain dengan tipikal ini tidak memiliki skill dan mempunyai omongan yang besar. Dimana, mereka bakal berkata tak pernah salah dengan permainan yang diperlihatkan dan realitanya mereka bakal menjadi feeder. Ditambah, mereka bakal emosi dan langsung pergi saat mendapat kritikan dari pemain lain.

  • Cheater

Mungkin, cheater sudah cukup banyak bertebaran di seluruh game yang ada sekarang. Tentu, tak bakal ada habisnya misal kami membahas soal pemain dengan tipikal ini. Oleh karena itu, Moonton selaku pengembang dan publisher game MOBA ini sebenarnya sudah menyampaikan agar para pemainnya dapat menciptakan lingkungan yang sehat dan suportif.

Sayangnya, sampai saat ini masih ada pemain-pemain yang abai dengan pernyataan dari Moonton itu. Buktinya, di awal season ini kamu bakal cukup gampang untuk menemui orang-orang yang menjual jasa cheat di Mobile Legends.

Jelas, keberadaan pemain ini bakal membuat kamu menyerah dan pastinya jengkel dengan cheat-cheat yang mereka gunakan.

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