Two Latest PUBG Mobile News

PUBG Mobile

It can be said, lately there has been a lot of latest news that has emerged regarding PUBG Mobile and it is being discussed by many people. Remembering, all this news will allow you to follow the development of the mobile game with the battle royale genre from Tencent.

Moreover, this latest information will be more related to the third anniversary of PUBG Mobile and the prestigious PMPL event which will take place next week. For more details, we will soon explain it to you.

PUBG Mobile Latest News

  • What Will Show

Approaching the third anniversary of PUBG Mobile, to be precise on March 21, 2021. Tencent as the developer and publisher of this game has provided information about the artists who will participate.

From the Youtube account, PUBG Mobile Indonesia, there are several videos featuring artists who will be entertainers on the third anniversary. For the first one, there is Alesso, who is known to be a Swedish DJ who has given birthday wishes to the most popular mobile game.

In addition, he also said that he has released his latest single which can be enjoyed by players in the game from March 15 to 31. Plus, he also mentioned that he would appear on the third anniversary of PUBG Mobile on March 21, 2021.

Not only Alesso, PUBG Mobile will also invite a Belgian DJ named Lost Frequencies. To find out, you can also see the latest video uploaded by PUBG Mobile Indonesia.

However, PUBG Mobile will still be giving a surprise on its third anniversary later. Bearing in mind, there is another video on the Youtube account that shows rapper from Indonesia, Rich Brian, who is known to sing along with his single for this game.

  • Esports Team Squad Changes at PMPL

Perhaps, the transfer/transfer of players in the Esports team who will compete in an official competition will become commonplace. Given, this will make the teams that will compete will be stronger. Moreover, the presence of this new player is considered to be suitable. Plus the ability it has will be better than the player who was replaced previously because it can have a big enough impact.

Obviously, this will not be much different from what the teams that will compete in PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 3 2021 will do later. For more details, we will also provide the latest player transfers for the esports teams that will play in the event.

>> For information, Victory 88 just added one new player called Maybe. Inevitably, the inclusion of the last name has made this team even have five players. Yes, they already have players like Cal, Dabs2k, Aimbot and Asaav.

Obviously, the presence of these new players is quite anticipated because the team previously named Voin 2k managed to end the PMCO 21 competition in 3rd position.

>> Next, 69 Esports what this team knows has just registered three new players. Yes, the three players are Gaga from NFT Esports, Joyss from NARA Esports and the last one is Hulk who was recruited from Voin 2k.

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