Try Dragon Raja, an Android MMORPG Game with Lots of New Features

Dragon Raja
Genre MMORPG Android is still in great demand, developer Archosaur Games recently brought this concept up with the launch of Dragon Raja. This game with Unreal Engine 4 presents a variety of new things that are quite refreshing. Dragon Raja brings a pretty good story development line, won't get bored quickly.
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MMORPG with New Features
At the beginning of the story, the player acts as an lone child as the object of research on the power of dragons. Then the story develops
more complicated where there will be many characters that appear, clans, to the entertainment business that adorns the story in this game. A number of features exist
similar to other Android MMORPG games such as dungeons or raids although the terms used are different. While what is really different is the dream park feature which contains various rides such as Ferris wheel, roller coaster and merry-go-round. The garden of dreams can be found
in the FunFair folder.
Another new feature that is also presented in Dragon Raja is 'Job' which is not a job or class. This game prepares three types of jobs that are
to choose from are shop owners, chefs, and idols. The three professions were designed to have a lot of game progress that is interesting to try. For example, chefs are required to be able to create secret food recipes. Then the shop owner is required to evaluate the store employees. There are other unique game features, for example, players can pick up trash along the game arena, use public telephones and even play basketball.
Stunning Visuals
Armed with Unreal Engine 4, Dragon Raja brings a really attractive graphic display. Many of the Unreal Engine 4 platforms have acknowledged that they offer advantages in terms of graphics. It's just that the battle animation has not been presented properly. The character's movements are still a bit stiff. The stunning graphic display is also enhanced with the right background music that is in harmony with the ongoing atmosphere. The Dragon Raja game adopts a futuristic theme plus a cyberpunk feel.
Character Custom Features
Dragon Raja offers two kinds of options for dressing up characters, namely externally and character traits. Custom outer appearance consists of variations in eyes, height, foot size, and much more. The other is a costume to make the character look different. Costumes can also be customized in terms of color. There are also complementary outfits that are adapted to the weather, for example when it rains, the character will automatically wear an umbrella when he is not moving. For a touch of costumes that match the environment, it looks very detailed so that the game is quite natural.
Players can also customize the character of the character being played. The character's character is formed according to the storyline. For each plot that is displayed, players will be given several dialogue options to respond to other characters. The selected dialogue can describe the character of the character being played, for example: Hotbloaded, Conqueror, or Romantic.
In addition to customizing characters, players can also increase their strength. Upgrading characters in the Dragon Raja game is actually not too special because it's just a standard MMORPG game. Upgrade character strength in Dragon Raja according to the level, type of weapon, skill, ally to the pet you have. Various elements in improving character strength are manifested in the form of ratings. So the higher the strength of the character even greater.
Dragon Raja adheres to Core and Talent character development. Core is a basic stat increase that is STR, DEX, INS, and CON. Obtained by
take advantage of the gems attached to the Destiny Core. While Talent is a character's skill in utilizing passive effects when fighting. The passive effect can be determined according to the needs. For example, the effect of increasing damage or reducing the opponent's damage.
In Dragon Raja, players don't have to worry about grinding. Because players can do various things with the aim of getting EXP and important items. Instead of doing tedious repetitive work, players are given the opportunity to complete various jobs in exchange for rewards. Various features in Dragon Raja are also fast enough to complete without taking up much time.
Being one of the choices for Android games with the MMORPG concept, Dragon Raja presents a variety of interesting new features such as features
game to dress up the character inside and out. An interesting storyline is also prepared that makes Dragon Raja a pity to miss.
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