Poco Indonesia's journey, from F1 to X3 Pro – Part 1

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Still part of the Xiaomi family, Poco Indonesia first released their smartphone in August 2018.

Their first smartphone, known as the flagship killer, because it was priced at an unreasonable price for its time, made the Poco F1 or also known as the Pocophone F1 viral at the end of 2018, even throughout 2019.

poco logo
Poco Logo

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Poco Indonesia Roadmap

Poco Indonesia roadmap
Source: Poco Indonesia's Official Instagram

If we do a flashback of Poco's journey in Indonesia. Then we will find several smartphone series from Poco, which never go viral, Vicigers.

If you don't follow the traces of Poco Indonesia's journey, now we will summarize the entire Poco smartphone series that is officially present in Indonesia.

  • Poco F1 – August 2018

pocophone f1
Source: GSMArena

As we discussed earlier, this series was viral at the beginning of its appearance. How come, a new brand, comes and suddenly goes viral?

More or less, this happened thanks to the Xiaomi name which is still closely attached to the Poco brand. Towards the end of 2018 we are presented with the presence of the Poco F1 Pro, which is one of the cheapest cellphones with a Snapdragon 845 processor. Priced at 4 million, you can already take home this flagship cellphone from Xiaomi.

The only drawback of this cellphone at that time was that this cellphone did not have NFC. Moreover, NFC at the end of 2018 is one of the must-have things for a flagship HP class. But isn't this a popular flagship HP? Yes, the point is, even though this cellphone does not have NFC. This cellphone remains a prima donna for some people even until the end of 2019.

  • Poco F2 Pro – July 2020

poco f2 pro
Source: GSMArena

It still comes with its flagship HP. In July 2020, Poco Indonesia launched the Poco F2 Pro, armed with the fastest processor at the time, namely Snapdragon 865. However, the presence of the Poco F2 Pro at that time was not too widely discussed because it had a price above 5 million rupiah.

Mi fans or most of the Indonesian people at that time were still lulled by the shadow of the Poco F1 which became the flagship killer at a populist price.

Even though the Poco F2 Pro has a pretty good build quality in its class. The front and back glass layer with Gorilla Glass 5 protection, as well as a FullHD + Super AMOLED screen from Samsung that can spoil the eye.

Carrying a front camera with a pop-up model at the top, making the Poco F2 Pro full screen without a front camera circle on the screen.

Until now, the Poco F2 Pro is still officially sold by Xiaomi/Poco Indonesia. Priced at 7 million for the 6/128GB variant and 8 million for the 8/256GB variant, how about the popularity of this cellphone in the eyes of the Indonesian people now, huh?

Hey, if you are interested in buying this cellphone, we suggest you buy it in a marketplace/e-commerce outside the official Xiaomi store, because of course you will get a much cheaper price than the SRP price.

Then after the Poco F2 Pro, there is the Poco X3 NFC, which again became the prima donna of Poco Indonesia last year.

Of course, because the Poco X3 NFC is back at a low price plus qualified specifications, information about the Poco X3 NFC and the next Poco series we will continue in Part 2, Vicigers!

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