Toy Car Racing on Table Top Racing Android

As the developer who first released the game, Playrise Digital Games was able to provide the best. Table Top Racing it is a racing concept game with good quality thanks to the presence of a tournament feature to find out who has the right to rank one.

Aggressive Opponent

If most racing games, in the first 20 seconds or so players usually have to compete with speed and accuracy with opponents. But after the first position is achieved, generally the sensation of racing becomes the standard because there are no more opposing cars that can follow. Well, this is something that will not be experienced in this Table Top Racing game. Because the opponent who took part in Table Top Racing  very excited and can beat without difficulty using a variety of power-up items.

Toy car

The concept raised by the game Table Top Racing  This is also interesting where players will compete quickly using toy cars. Of course, that's not all that's exciting, players also have to cross the racing arena around the house, just like the game they played when they were little. Players must move the car using two methods, namely buttons or tilt. Both work smoothly and are responsive.

6 Racing Modes

Table Top Racing offers 4 racing modes that can be played consisting of quick race, championship, special events, and multiplayer modes. Championship mode is the main mode where players must be able to win for the 4 competitions that are prepared. A competition includes several races that also offer various modes. For example, the pursuit mode requires players to chase and then hit the rear bumper of the enemy car in order to come out victorious. Then there is an elimination mode in which the last player in each lap is automatically eliminated. Altogether there are 6 challenging game modes that can be run in this Table Top Racing Android.

Power Up

In participating in the race, players will find a variety of power-ups, but only or two are available. That means players have to scramble with opponents to get it. Power-ups in Table Top Racing This consists of speed boosts, rockets to EMP that can inhibit all enemies within range. Players will also get money every time they win which can be used to complete the upgrade of their racing car.

Including the uniqueness of the Table Racing Game, namely upgrading tires that have special effects. For example, it offers tires that immediately add extra gold every time a player does drifting, as well as tires with some sharp edges that can be used to prevent opponents from approaching. Unfortunately, the variety of vehicles in this game is not so much with the model not even the type of sports car considering the concept carried by Table Top Racing, namely toy car racing. But this does not in the slightest reduce the fun of this game.

Table Top Racing very well made that requires players to keep trying to maintain the position that has been achieved. Achieving the number one position is sometimes not an important goal because each opponent will target other players when they get power-ups. Players must be good at using power-ups at the right time. For example, when you are at the very back but have an EMP, the player can wait for the right momentum during extreme turns where the whole car will slow down. Here players can use EMP to reach the number 1 position. However, the opposite can also be experienced because the opponents they face are quite agile to catch up.

OK Graphics

From a graphical point of view, Table Top Racing  has really good visuals where the frame rate is very stable throughout the race. The background is also carefully described and stretched so that it really presents an atmosphere as if competing in real racing. Table Top Racing is set at Rp. 29,000 which is considered quite cheap when compared to the experience and sensation of racing that will be found. Have a nice play!

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