Tips for Using Pet Waggor in Free Fire

Mr Waggor is one of the most useful pets in Free Fire. Check out this article for more on tips for using Waggor pets effectively.

You now have to know tips for using Waggor pets in Free Fire so that you can use them well enough when competing later.

Of course this is one of the pet features in the Free Fire game, so we can use this feature if we can. So that later when competing also becomes easier and does not lose quickly too.

There are already many features that are present in this game and we also definitely know the name Pet. You definitely know the Pet feature, where there are several Free Fire Pet Features that will really help you. All these things are things not to be missed, especially when using Mr Waggor.

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Players can choose between Dreki, Spirit Fox, or Mr Waggor in the current free pet event at Free Fire MAX. While Dreki and Spirit Fox are useful, Waggor is the better of the two.

His skill, Smooth Gloo, gives players free gloo grenades for the entire match. In this article, we will show you tips on using Waggor pets on Free Fire.

Tips for Using Pet Waggor FF

Using Pets is getting better, especially nowadays. Of course, all of you will not find it easy if you know tips on using Waggor pets right now. Curious? Just take a look at the explanation in the article below now.

Earn Gloo Walls Free

Tips for Using Pet Waggor
Gloo Wall

If you have a Waggor, it's best to drop gloo wall grenades on teammates as soon as they are generated. In this way, you should be able to empty slots so that the pet can earn more.

When maximized, if the player has less than two gloo wall grenades in their inventory, he will generate a gloo grenade every 100 seconds.

Players can also drop gloo wall grenades from their inventory once the ability is inactive. This way, they would be able to pass skill conditions to get more items.

Prioritize End Zone

Tips for Using Pet Waggor
Free Fire

Tips for using a Waggor pet is to prioritize the end zone. At the end of the game, supplies often run out immediately, especially Gloo Walls.

Since the end game area is small, having gloo walls is very important, as they prevent players from being killed. This is where he comes to the rescue, you should be able to get free grenades from him to defend yourself.

Each pet presented in the Free Fire game has a different system and function. Of course something like that also exists with a new Pet named Mr Waggor now. Where the ability given is quite good and very interesting. In addition, don't forget to feel his abilities.

Using it is also different from other pets, this will help to make it easier to compete. But basically for those of you who use this Pet, don't forget if there are tips. This will make it easier for you to use it.

For the first time, you must know first, this ability from him. The ability given by him is to provide a gloo wall, every 120 seconds that pass.

Gloo Wall will be in the backpack right away, so we'll just have to use it later. But you have to understand too, if for example this appears if you don't have a Gloo Wall.

Use the 360 degree Gloo Wall Trick

Tips for Using Pet Waggor
Free Fire
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Tips for using pet Waggor also by applying 360 degree trick on gloo wall. Endgame is the hardest part of the Free Fire game.

At that point, the circle was small and there was barely any cover you could use. Because of that, Gloo Walls play a big role, and knowing how to use them will definitely benefit your game.

Tap the Gloo Wall button and look around to install a 360-degree Wall. This way, the enemy won't be able to harm you immediately, even if you're surrounded.

This technique takes a lot of practice to do but is also very rewarding. While this requires a certain number of grenades, players should have enough if they have earned free grenades from it.

Use Gloo Walls To Reach Inaccessible Places

Tips for Using Pet Waggor
Enemy Position

One of the tips for using the best Waggor pet is that you can access hard-to-reach locations. You can throw Gloo Walls and then use them as a move to get to places you can't normally reach.

This works best on rooftops, enemies won't be able to detect the location this way. Sometimes you can even stack two gloo walls on top of each other to make another move.

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You must be able to make this pet's level to the maximum, so that later when you use a pet you can immediately feel good. The problem is that many players say that he is much better when he reaches the maximum level. So try all of you later, make this pet Max level first and then use it later.

Use this pet too, later it can bring up the Infinite Gloo Wall. Where when you have used this Pet Level with a Max level, then this trick can be tried immediately. But most importantly if you want to use this pet more optimally, you have to make the Max level first so that it will be better later.

Block Enemies From Reaching Location

Tips for Using Pet Waggor
Free Fire

In the final circle, you can always use a gloo wall at several locations on the map to distract and confuse enemies. After that, you can hide or flank them. It works quite well against vehicles or in smaller spaces.

Every pet that is presented in the Free Fire game is quite a lot and of course very good. Of course, don't forget this, because he is one of the best pets in Free Fire right now.

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He has very strong potential. By using this pet correctly you will get very high profits. Plus providing a gloo wall would be very important.

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