Tips for Using the Latest Hero Johnson in Mobile Legend

Mobile Legends

For Mobile Legend players, certainly no stranger to Johnson's hero. This hero is a very strong role tank with high durability and unstoppable stun skills. The uniqueness of this hero is that he can turn into a car and bring his teammates around the map.

Currently, it is very rare to use Johnson's hero. Because, this hero must have been banned when draft pick mode. So, if this hero escapes from being banned by your opponent, you have to use it.

Then for those of you who are still beginners, there are some of the latest tips on using Johnson's hero. There is even a new feature from Johnson that issues nos when the hero is in ultimate mode or when he becomes a car.

Playing Mobile Legend Using Hero Johnson To Be Reliable

  1. Understand the skills of Johnson
  • A passive skill called Electro airbag. When HP is below 30%, Johnson will get a shield for 10 seconds and absorb 300 (+700% total physical defense). But the cooldown of this skill is quite long, which is 100 seconds.
  • Skill one is Deadly Pincers. In this skill, Johnson will throw the spanner in the direction specified by its use. This skill will give 150 (+200% total physical defense) and then give a stun effect for 0.8 seconds.
  • Skill 2 is Electromag Rays. Hero Johnson will attack forward and deal 100 +40% total magic damage. In addition, skill 2 also gives a slow effect on the opponent.
  • Skill three is Rapid Touchdown. Hero Johnson will turn into a car and then bring one of his friends' heroes. Johnson will run and when it hits an opponent, it will stun for 1 second while giving 300+160% up to 525+280% total magic power.
  1. Use Build Items On Johnson

In playing Mobile Legend, build is an important thing. Because, the build can be a determinant of victory. You can use this build item on Johnson's hero. Among them are Courage Mask, Magic Shoes, Fleeting Time, Antique Cuirass, Athena's Shield and Immortality. This item will make Johnson's hero have a strong defense.

  1. Master Johnson's Ultimate Skill

What's the point of playing GG if you don't master the ultimate skill. Because, Johnson is an interesting hero with an advantage in his ultimate. Players who master Johnson's ultimate skill are players who can surround the map without hitting a wall or turret. But if you are confused, you can pay attention to the tips given below.

First, you have to memorize all the contents of the map from the turret, walls, to turns. Then you have to learn the path that Johnson can take when doing ulti. You can see skills like the one above through Johnson's pro player YouTube channel, such as Patrick or Jess No Limit.

After that, you can practice it by playing johson. It is recommended to use it in custom or classic mode. Don't ever use it in rank mode.

  1. Play Bar 

Being a hero with a tank role must understand the abilities of each hero. Starting from opening a map, opening a war, or ganging up on enemies. But you can't do this haphazardly. Because, you can die as a feeder if you are careless in using this hero.

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