Tips and Tricks Using Akai in Mobile Legends Season 20

Tips for Using Akai in Mobile Legends Season 20, the Chaotic Initiator Tank


Hello Vicigers friends, I want to tell you that Akai in Mobile Legends is one of the tank heroes that is very troublesome if used correctly. Well, Mimin will share tips on using Akai Mobile Legends as a rioting initiator tank.

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Akai's Strength

As a Tank in Mobile Legends, Akai has several advantages that you can use in your gameplay, namely:

Tips for Using Akai in Mobile Legends Season 20
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Very Tough and Successful Tank

Akai is said to be one of the tankers in Mobile Legends. Its durability is very good and is one of the advantages of this fat panda.

the combination of skills and durability in Akai can be a savior for a team that is kidnapped or in an offside position

Tanks with Initiation Skills

In addition to excellent durability, Akai is also one of the tanks that has extraordinary initiation abilities in Mobile Legends.

The initiation skill can also be used to break into the opposing team's formation, to save friends, or to kidnap cores from the opposing team.

Troublesome Ultimate Skill

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Ultimate Akai can be combined with skill 1 which is a skill for initiation. His Ultimate has CC which will make enemies around him bounce.

This Hurricane Dance skill is very effective for barring the formation of the opposing team or kidnapping opposing heroes who are offside or are deemed to have the potential to interfere with the team fight.

Now let's discuss the Vicigers Tips:

Tips for Using Akai Mobile Legends


Choose the Right Battle Spell, Emblem, and Build

Hero Akai is basically very capable to be used as an initiator. the combination of Battle Spell, Emblem, and Build used must be right.

The right combination on Akai will be very difficult for opponents to overcome and your push rank process will run more easily.

Battle Spell, the most suitable for Akai is Petrify. The Stun effect given by the Petrify Battle Spell will be a very deadly combination for Akai's ultimate skill.

Emblem will definitely suggest Tank Emblem. By using the Tank Emblem, your durability will be very thick, even since the early game.

Meanwhile, the selected build must also follow the emblem, namely by selecting Build Full Defense. That way Akai Mobile Legends will be a very difficult hero to kill.

Use Skill Combo

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Akai has skills combos will be very troublesome for his enemies. To maximize skills his, you have to understand the combo skill of Akai.

First we have to take advantage of Thousand Pounder (skills 1) as an opening to jump to the back of the opponent.

Then use Akai's ultimate, Hurricane Dance to push the enemy in the direction you want.

Finally, use Blender (skills 2) to inflict additional damage to the enemy. When sorted it will be like this is skills 1 – ultimateskills 2.

Diligent Roaming

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When using the Akai hero, you must be diligent in roaming from one lane to another. to back up teammates when suddenly the enemy ambushes or is gangbanged

Akai has very thick durability which will really help other friends, so roaming is mandatory for Akai.

Akai also must not neglect his position when fighting. Akai must continue to look for the best position that can open a war in a match with a promising potential for victory.

Those are the tips for using Akai Mobile Legends from Vicigers, you can follow the tips above and keep practicing hard to be able to use Akai perfectly.

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