Tips & Tricks To Be Good at Playing Valorant #1!

Tips & Tricks To Be Good at Playing Valorant!

Hello Vicigers, On the occasion this time We will discuss tips & tricks for playing Valorant, for those who are curious, you can read more below.

The first tip is Press Shift left, why should press shift left? Because when we press shift left then our agent will walk and the foot step of our agent will not be heard by the enemy.Tips & Tricks To Be Good at Playing Valorant #1!

Second tip is don't forget to crouch or squat when shooting, because when we squat our weapons aim to be more precise and on target.

The third tip is to listen to the opponent's foot step, One of the biggest advantages is the sound of your opponent's footsteps. By detecting sound, you can detect the direction of the opponent's agent. However, this will become difficult when the opposing Agent decides to walk. If you use headphones, you can benefit from being able to read the direction of the sound in more detail and prepare surprise attacks.

Fourth tip is to always take into account the amount of money when you want to buy a weapon. Having a favorite weapon doesn't hurt. However, each weapon has advantages and disadvantages. For the beginning of the round, you are required to use a gun, only after that you can buy SMG, Shotgun, Riffle or Sniper. It's also a good idea to buy weapons according to the area that will be your battlefield. If you have to fight at close range in a small alley, SMG and Shotgun are the best choices. However, if you have to drop your opponent at a considerable distance, then Riffle or Sniper certainly offers a better advantage.

Tip five is aiming for the head (headshot), because the agent's head is not protected by a shield at all, so we can kill the opponent easily by aiming for the head (headshot). We can even kill the opponent by using only 1 bullet if it hits the enemy's head.

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Sixth tip is communication between teams, communication in this game is very important because information from player per player is very important. At least a leader in a team needs to make sure all paths are covered, or at least provide a strategy used in each round. Like when to push, when to make push deception, and determine which plant site to target.

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