GG Tips for Playing Hero Fighter With the Strongest Sun Build

Strongest Sun Build

Hero Sun is one of the very strong Fighter heroes and was quite popular at the beginning of its appearance. When compared to other heroes, Sun is the most popular hero. Even when he entered the late game, Sun really went crazy with great damage, making the opponent topsy-turvy.

Even a strong enough hero tank can't do anything about it. So you have to know the strongest Sun build. Before discussing further it would be nice if you know the various advantages of Hero Sun compared to other heroes.

Advantages of Using Hero Sun ML

This hero, inspired by the Sun Go kong character, is a fighter who has the ability to create shadows. On this occasion, we will explain some of the advantages of using the Sun hero. it aims to make you more GG in playing it.

  1. Has a fairly high Durability

Sun is one of the fighters that has a fairly strong endurance compared to other fighters. Sun relies on durability and shadows to withstand the opponent's attacks. But this hero does not have the skill to escape. This hero will hurt more if you use the strongest Sun build.

  1. Has strong damage

The advantage of using Sun is that it has considerable damage. Besides being strong in terms of attack, Sun also has the power to defend. So this is what makes Sun can attack the opponent easily.

Indeed, Sun has begun to be forgotten by the presence of various new heroes. Actually Sun has 3x the damage of ordinary heroes. So how painful would it be to get hit by a Sun attack. So you can use Sun to increase your rank level.

  1. Hero Sun is easier to play

Sun is one of the Fighter heroes that is very easy to play. Especially for you beginners, Sun can be a mainstay to raise the rank level.

The first skill will cast a shadow, the second skill attacks the opponent with a stick. While skill three is a shadow combo to attack the opponent at once.

  1. Stronger to fight

If you like playing heroes with melee attacks, just choose Sun. This hero is perfect for those of you who like fighters to finish off the opposing team. Opponents who try to duel will surely lose.

  1. Sun is good at push lane

If you want to attack the enemy lane, just use Sun. Indeed this one hero is intended for push lane. So that the turret is destroyed quickly, you can maximize attacks with Sun's shadow. So make sure you play the right strategy so that when the team is focused on war, Sun can push lane.

Tips for playing Hero Sun to make it more GG

After knowing some of the advantages of playing Sun's hero, on this occasion we will explain some of GG's tips for playing Sun's hero. curious? Please see the following discussion:

  1. Understanding Sun Skills

Sum has 4 skills that you must understand to make it easier to play. What skills does he have?

  1. Passive skill: you can use this passive skill to kill tanks. Has a physical defense of 6% and can be stacked 10 times.
  2. Skill 1: Sun will throw a stick at the target. When it hits the opponent it will create a doppelganger, giving a slow effect and giving 60% physical attack.
  3. Skill 2: Sun and shadow will aim at the target with 60% physical attack and movement speed increases by 30%. You can use this skill to chase the targeted opponent.
  4. Skill 3: Sun will attack the opponent with his shadow and has 70% attribute. This ultimate skill can be used to avoid stun and crowd control.


  1. Using the strongest build

When using the Sun hero, make sure to use the strongest Sun build. As a player you have to really choose the right item so that Sun as a fighter will get sicker during war. Here are some items that you can use for the Sun hero:

  1. Swift boots
  2. Corrosion Scythe
  3. Demon Hunter Sword
  4. Endless Battle
  5. Athena's Shield
  6. Blade of Despair


  1. Choosing the right Emblem and battle spell

When using the Sun hero, you must pay attention to the emblem and battle spell used. Given this, it is very important for Sun to have strong damage in the early game and late game. In addition, battle spells are used when the situation is urgent.


  1. How to play Sun in the early game

Indeed, in the early game this hero does not have great damage. So you have to be patient first to play it. At the beginning of the game you can choose the Exp lane to make it easier to level up. Next, please do farming to get rich quick.

Keep an eye on the mini map so you don't get caught by your opponent. If you already have big damage you can do war. If not, then you have to do farming faster.

That's the explanation of the strongest Sun build. Indeed, this one hero has begun to be forgotten, but Sun still has the best ability. Hopefully this explanation can add to your insight.

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