Tips and Tricks Can Be Booyah To Play Free Fire

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Who does not know the game Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular and best-selling games. The more active players, of course each player has different abilities. So if you want to experience Booyah, you have to understand the tips and tricks for playing Free Fire.

Indeed, to be able to get the Booyah title in this Free Fire game is very difficult. So you have to practice a lot and have more game hours in order to master the match.

Tips for Getting Booyah When Playing Free Fire Games

On this occasion, we will explain some tips and tricks to play Free Fire. So you don't have to worry anymore to raise the rank level faster. Curious? For more details, see the following explanation:

  1. Sensitivity setting

If you want to feel Booyah, the first thing you need to do is adjust the sensitivity. Well, by making this setting you will find it easier to shoot on target. So it can minimize the shot misses the target and the direction of the shot is getting crisper.

  1. Get to know the map location

In addition to setting the sensitivity level, you also have to know the map used. As a game with the battle royali genre, there are certainly many hidden locations that you must understand. Well, that way you know a safe hiding place and have an easy position to kill enemies.

There are 3 maps used in this FF game, namely the Bermuda, Portuguese, and Kalahari maps, each of which has different characteristics. If you are a novice player, to make it easier, you can focus on just one map. If you have memorized it, you can choose another map.

  1. Loot only as necessary

When you have started to memorize the map in FF, the next step is not to be easily tempted by looting. As a novice player, you definitely want to have lots of items that make it stronger by having lots of ammunition.

This step is indeed good, but if looting in an open location is the same as suicide. Even if you play squad it will be detrimental to your own team. So if you want to get Booyah, feel free to loot as needed.

Don't forget to stock up on medical supplies to stay safe. Well, as you gain experience, you will understand the combination of weapons and attachments.

  1. Don't mukil (kill face)

In playing the Free Fire game, don't be silly or too eager to finish off your opponent. Especially if you can't master weapons well. This will cause you to fall faster.

It's better to wait for the enemy to come and prepare the right position so you can aim at the enemy safely. In addition, if the shot misses, you are still in a safe position.

  1. Don't stay too long in the open field

Usually those who hunt kills will run in the open field. It aims to find out the location of the enemy. But if you stay in the open for too long it will make you die faster. The key is to be patient so that you can reach Booyah.

  1. Keep moving

Although in playing this game you have to be in a hidden location, you still have to move so that it is not easily detected by the enemy. In addition, the red zone will continue to narrow over time.

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