This is the Latest Free Fire Redeem Info

Free Fire's Latest Redeem

Perhaps, we will provide some of the latest information from Free Fire. Remembering, all this news will let you know about the development of the mobile game genre battle royale this. Among them, there is good news for those of you who play as free players.

In addition, we will also provide news regarding events that were surprisingly not raised this month and there are still other news. Curious about the news that we will convey? Therefore, we will immediately explain all the information for you.

About the Latest News from Free Fire

  • Redeem Code

It can be said that each game developer will provide attractive additional prizes when there is a new update regarding the version offered (both for the mobile version of the game and others). Not much different from Free Fire, the game developed by 111dots Studio has just spoiled its players with its collaboration with the Japanese anime series, AoT.

It doesn't stop there, they also officially provide a redeem code that you can claim the prize. Of course, all of these codes will be enough to help free players who rarely make cash to buy paid items.

Moreover, some of these codes will get you free prizes such as bundle items, magic cubes and 'scar titan' weapon skins. Unfortunately, you can get all these prizes, for example, immediately claim them now. Bearing in mind, there is a time limit set for all these codes.










To be able to exchange all the codes above, you must first enter the page. After that, you can log in using the account you are using now. What's more, there are lots of options that you can choose from and it's in accordance with the initial register of account creation that you are using now.

After that, a screen will appear where you can enter the codes you want to claim. Moreover, it will also display your account name. When you have tried all the codes above and entered, then you can return to the game. Remember, that will allow you to claim all the prizes in the inbox menu.

  • Mystery Shop

Usually, Free Fire often holds a bi-monthly event called Mystery Shop. Where, this event is a paid event that is quite awaited by players in this game. Moreover, this event also often offers many exclusive items as well as a pretty hefty discount for the current Elite Pass.

Remember, this event last took place last January and it coincided with the collaboration they did with the top anime from the Land of Sakura, One Punch Man. Obviously, the emergence of this news is very disappointing for the fans of Free Fire. Because, they were really looking forward to the event'Mystery Shop' this.

Moreover, the collaboration carried out by mobile games which now occupies the top position of 'bestselling' for the action category on the Play Store is also quite interesting. The proof is that they are collaborating with Attack on Titan, which incidentally is the anime series hype for now.

  • Acc K Cap

Tomorrow, Free Fire players can get complementary items in the form of hats for the characters in the game. Unfortunately, it will not be free because players who want this item called Acc K Cap can be obtained when they have done it top up to buy 70 diamonds.

Of course, this item will be quite suitable for those of you who use character K. To be able to claim this item, after you make a top up according to the initial requirements. You can also go to the official Free Fire page and select 'event in'. Then, you can choose the game event menu and finally the top up bonus.

The last step, you can choose 'take' and you will be able to use the item when you enter the game. To be precise, in the vault and collection menus.

  • Recommended Pets

Confused about choosing the right pet for Chrono's character? Yes, we have several options that you can use for the character.

For the first, you can choose Rockie. Where, the character in the form of a fierce raccoon will reduce the cooldown duration of the character's ability used by about 15 percent. Obviously, this ability will be able to optimize active skills belongs to Chrono and it will benefit you when facing enemies.

The last one is Beaston, which incidentally is a white baboon monkey. To note, this pet will allow your character to increase the throwing distance for throwing items such as Gloo Wall, Smoke Grenade and Flashbang by about 30 percent.

Of course, this ability will make it easier for Chrono to prepare and activate his ability before facing the enemy by throwing one of these items.

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