This is the Latest News in Mobile Legends in April

Mobile Legends

In the past week, there has been some of the latest news on Mobile Legends that you may not have known. Therefore, we will immediately summarize and convey the information for you so you don't miss the news updates that are currently hot.

In addition, this news is also quite surprising because there are other changes that Moonton has given in the MOBA genre mobile game made by him. Curious?

About the Latest News in Mobile Legends

  • Redeem Code

For free players, the existence of redeem codes that can be exchanged for prizes is indeed quite profitable for them. Given that these players are rare enough to buy diamonds (by doing top ups) to buy skins or items that require diamonds as a ransom.

This time, we will provide two redeem codes that you can exchange now. Remember, this code has an expiration date. The two codes are 34ws5frwwxhe229dw and 34ws5frwwxhe229dw.

To exchange it, you can directly go to the website ''. There, you just enter the redemption code, game id along with the verification code. After that, all you have to do is redeem and check the prize in the mailbox when you enter Mobile Legends.

  • Women's Only Tournament

Approaching the end of April, on the 27th to 28th to be exact, a tournament that will only be reserved for female players in Mobile Legends will be held. In detail, the Indonesian Licensing Association together with Dyandra Promosindo will hold the first offline tournament for this mobile game specifically for women called Dignity of Srikandi "Kartini Edition" 2021.

Unfortunately, only female players who have officially joined an esports team can participate in this event. In addition, this tournament is also an 'invitation' which means that the organizers of this tournament have determined the teams that will compete such as NYX, Evos Esports MLBB Ladies, Alter Ego and others.

In addition, this tournament will also be held offline which will be located at Studio Dyandra and online you can watch it live on the streaming platform, Youtube believes Dignity Project Esports.

Apart from that, the total prize money that will be received is around 15 million Rupiah. However, that's not all that will be given because there are still medals, prizes and holiday packages.

It can be said, this tournament will be a breath of fresh air for fans of Mobile Legends. Because, this tournament which is only intended for female players is indeed very rare to be held. Moreover, to develop the potential of the industry in the world of Esports, which is currently still dominated by male players (for the Mobile Legends game).

  • Infinix

Perhaps, the popularity of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as one of the MOBA genre mobile games for now is still irreplaceable. Inevitably, this factor is also what makes Infinix which incidentally is a smartphone manufacturer from Hong Kong again looking at the game to be invited to work together. In fact, they also plan to issue a new series.

Even so, this will be the second collaboration for Infinix with Mobile Legends after previously releasing Infinix 8 last year. Unfortunately, the smartphone that will be released later is still unknown to us. However, his presence will also be intended to welcome the 515 Eparty event, at the moment of its anniversary on May 15, 2021.

To be sure, the presence of this new smartphone from Infinix will also make the players in this game more satisfied. Remembering, Sergio Ticoalu as his representative responded to the complaints experienced by players in Mobile Legends and wanted to provide his own comfort when playing it on the company's latest device later.

  • 515 Eparty

As an annual official event, 515 Eparty will be an event that players in Mobile Legends might have been waiting for. Carrying the theme of togetherness, the concept and appearance of the logo used is also quite unique and quite interesting. Because Moonton knows that most of the players who play are still quite young and still very active.

In fact, the 515 Eparty event trailer on the official MLBB Indonesia account shows the trendy Chou character carrying a skateboard. Moreover, there is an article that mentions the characters of Selena and Brody in the video. Curious about events? We'll just have to wait for the next trailer.

In addition, there will be an exclusive skin called Manny Pacquiao which will start on April 13, 2021. The last name is the inspiration for this game to release the character 'Paquito'. Obviously, this event will be hunted by skin collectors who want to get a new look from the fighter hero.

Then, there is the MLBB All Star tournament this year. You can also give your voice regarding pro players or streamers who will play on a team. This event actually started yesterday and will end on April 25, 2021.

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