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Free Fire

In this discussion, we will also provide other information from Free Fire which is currently hot. Given, there is a lot of news that is quite interesting. Plus, this will also keep you updated on anything about the battle royale genre mobile game.

It is undeniable, the game published by Garena has become the most played game. The proof, players who have downloaded this game more than 500 million times. Of course, some of this information will be quite helpful for you to find out what developments are currently covering Free Fire.

Other Information About Free Fire

  • Banned

It could be said, being 'banned' is one of the policies taken by the developer of a game when a player is caught cheating. Moreover, this system can occur for example there are other players who do 'report'.

In the latest Free Fire case, the game developed by 111Dots Studio is known to have just banned more than 1 million players. Obviously, that's quite surprising but it's also a very natural thing. Because playing cheating to get Booyah is very detrimental to other players who have played fairly and seriously.

In addition, there were other players who were at a disadvantage. To be precise, for example, the player is playing with cheaters (or players who have been banned). Remembering, that player will also be subject to a report and of course his account will also be banned. To date, more than 27 thousand players have become victims of cheaters.

To find out about this ban, you can also look at the official Facebook account belonging to Garena Free Fire. If, you are lazy to find out the details about the reasons for the banned players who cheated. We will also provide details.

Yes, there are about 67 percent of players who use the Auto Headshot cheat. Then, there are about 17 percent of players who use other cheats, 12 percent use teleport cheats, 5 percent use antenna cheats and 4 percent use cheats. wall hack.

  • Enter Top 10

The popularity of Free Fire so far seems not to have dimmed. The proof is that they still managed to occupy the top 10 positions for game applications that were downloaded a lot last month. From the data uploaded by Sensor Tower, this game also ranks fourth under Join Clash 3D (1), High Heels (2) and Girl Genius (3) for two categories namely 'Overall Downloads' and 'Google Play Downloads'.

Obviously this achievement is quite surprising because at the beginning of 2021, the game was thrown out of the top 10. However, this record still keeps the Free Fire percentage good. Bearing in mind, this game also actually continued to be in the top 10 position (second to be precise) in February last year.

  • Best SMG Skins of the Month

Perhaps, the weapon skins offered by each battle royale game will provide additional attributes for players who have them. Of course, this will not be much different from the skins offered on Free Fire. Even so, we will only provide three skins for the best SMG weapons this March.

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