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That said, Chou is a character that has actually been around for a long time in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The proof is that the hero with the role fighter is still the choice of players in this popular MOBA game. In fact, when there are lots of new characters that appear.

Even so, this hero is also quite difficult to play. Remember, the difficulty level is at number 7. In addition, it has a resistance value of 8, 9 attack and 5 ability effects. To get it, you can also buy it at the shop menu at a price of 24,000 gold / 499 diamonds. What's more, there are already tons of skins that you can buy for

Apart from that, we will also provide a complete guide for you to use it properly.

Complete Ability of Chou in Mobile Legends

  • Passive:

Only Fast

After this character moves every 8 yards, his next basic attack will deal 180 percent damage (but will not be critical) and slow the opponent by 80 percent for a short duration.

  • First Skills:

Jeet Kune Do

This character throws forward 3 times continuously. Each hit deals 180 (+70 percent overall physical attack) physical damage. For the third attack, it will make a knock-air effect on the opponent.

The third use of this ability resets the CD from Shunpo.

  • Second Skills:


This character dashes forward, becoming immune to crowd control effects when dashing. After the dash, his physical penetration will increase by 15 and he will gain armor that can absorb 200 (+200 percent additional physical attack) damage for 2 seconds.

  • Ulti

The Way of Dragons

This character performs a kick to knockback the opponent and deals 400 (+200 additional physical damage) physical damage.

Reuse: This character will throw the opponent in the air and deal a minimum of 400(+200 additional physical attack) physical damage

Apart from that, we will also tell you about the recommended build.

Items: Warrior Boots/ Tough Boots, Blade of the Heptaseas, Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, Windtalker, Demon Hunter Sword

Battle Spells: flicker

Emblems: Assassin > 3 Agility, 3 Invasion and 1 Killing Spree

Lastly, you also have to know about the gameplay to play it:

At the start of the match, you can immediately direct Chou to the gold lane. Of course, this lane will allow these characters to immediately collect gold to make the items first.

However, on this lane you will also meet heroes with roles such as marksman and fighter. For that, we suggest that you can play safely by clearing the creeps and returning to the turret. Plus, you can also take gold or 'crash' the little monsters around that lane.

Apart from that, what's interesting about this hero is that he can kidnap the opponent's core hero with his abilities. In fact, you also have the freedom to roam if there is a teammate of yours who needs help when in a gank/war. Therefore, you can continue to see the mini map at the top left. Plus, this hero is also quite easy to escape.

To make the skill sick, we suggest you to move the character left and right when you are going to use it.

When playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can be as responsible as possible with the lane you are guarding. Because, this is the key where you will be able to win a match.

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