The Forgotten Terizla Fighter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Terizla Fighter

Having received a buff in last month's patch update, Terizla Fighter can be a hero that should often be chosen for ranked mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Even so, the fact is that until now this hero has rarely been included in the chosen line up. However, we will provide a guide for you to be able to use it.

Remember, in the last update, his first skill got a pretty good buff. Of course, this will be a distinct advantage for players in MOBA games who often play role fighters. Other details, this hero has a resistance value of 8, attack 9, ability effect 7 and level of difficulty 8. To be able to use it, you also have to buy it in the shop menu at a price of 32,000 gold / 599 diamonds.

Complete Capabilities of Terizla Fighter Mobile Legends

  • Passive:

Body of Smith

Every 2 percent of this character's health that has been lost will be converted to 1 percent damage reduction damage (maximum to 45 percent)

Its attack speed cannot be increased. Every 1 percent additional attack speed will be converted into 1 physical attack.

  • First Skills:

Revenge Strike

This character splits the ground using his weapon (hammer) and the ground cracks will spread, dealing 300 (+80 percent additional physical attack) physical damage. After the crack hit the target by 30 percent. At the same time the movement speed will increase by 25 percent. Lasts for 3 seconds. The crack in the target will explode, dealing 300 (+80 percent additional physical damage) and 20 percent physical damage from the opponent's lost health.

  • Second Skills:

Execution Strike

This character swings his weapon forward in a fan-shaped area about 3 times continuously. (slide the joystick button to change position when swinging the weapon) The first 2 attacks give 180(+150 percent total physical attack) physical damage to the opponent. His third attack deals 225(+300 total physical damage) physical damage to the opponent. Each attack causes a slow effect on the target by around 15 percent for 1.5 seconds. (For this slow effect, you can stack it). Only gives 60 percent damage to creeps.

  • Ultimate:

Penalty Zones

This character jumps in the specified direction to hit the ground, causing 300 (+100 percent total physical attack) physical damage and slowing the opponent by about 40 percent. Meanwhile, this character summons Scaffold, which will reach the hook on the opponent and pull the target several times, dealing 150(+30 overall physical damage) physical damage each time.

Regarding the recommended build, you can use this option:

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Items: Warrior Boots, Bloodlust Ax, Blade of Despair, Blade of Despair, Blade of Despair, Blade of Despair (this item is recommended when your team is far superior (potential to win) and this item will certainly make both skills hurt more)

Battle Spells: flicker

Emblems: Fighter > 3 Bravery, 3 Invasion, 1 Festival of Blood

As for the gameplay to play it:

That said, the gold lane will be an interesting choice for heroes with the marksman role. However, we still recommend the Terizla Fighter to occupy this lane at the start of the match. In addition, we remind you that you can make a 'magic necklace' item to make the mana spent less wasteful.

Moreover, his first skill is also quite painful. Of course, this can make you spam his ability more often before finally combining it with his other skills during war/ganking. However, you should focus more on increasing the skill level of both.

What's interesting, this character is good enough to be in the front position when war / ganking. Remember, this hero has a crowd control effect for his ult.

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