Top 5 Genshin Impact Teams To Beat Mechanical Array

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You can defeat the Mechanical Array in Spyral Abyss by using these five best Genshin Impact teams. Who are they? Check this article to find out.

The Spiral Abyss enemy line-up in patch 2.7 is not easy for players Genshin Impact. Spiral Abyss currently has an enemy line-up that serves as a DPS check for many new players who have just entered the game.

The main obstacle for players is arguably the Perpetual Mechanical Array of Floor 12. This is the last enemy the player must defeat in the allotted time to get three stars in chamber 3.

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However, with a good combination of strategy and decent team comps, it is possible for players to get their 36 stars in Spiral Abyss and their free primogems as well.

The following article will discuss the five best team compositions to defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Genshin Impact.

Best Team To Beat Mechanical Array

This is a guide on how to defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array, the enemy boss in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn more about the Perpetual Mechanical Array team and material drops, and the best party against this boss!

Melt Ganyu

Mechanical Array

This is the only Melt reaction team on the list and is also the most effective Melt team against Mechanical Arrays. Here are the party members:

  • Ganyu: Burst DPS
  • Xiangling: Pyro App
  • Zhongli: Strong protector
  • Bennett: Healer and Support

Ganyu takes on the role of burst DPS while Xiangling will be the main damage dealer. Zhongli would protect the party with his shield, while Bennett would be in charge of healing the entire party.

Overall, a great Genshin Impact team to use against the Perpetual Mechanical Array, which moves a lot in the Spiral Abyss.

Mono Geo

Mechanical Array

Oddly enough, mono element team compositions found their way onto this list. Although the Perpetual Mechanical Array had high resistance to physical attacks, it only had a 10 percent resistance against Geo.

This implies that a well-constructed Geo mono team can break through the defenses of the Perpetual Mechanical Array and deal massive damage. One of the most used Geo mono teams consists of the following characters and roles:

  • Arataki Itto: Ultimate DPS 
  • Gorou: DEF and Geo DMG buffer
  • Albedo: Geo DPS
  • Zhongli off the pitch: Strong shield and support

Yoimiya Vape

Mechanical Array
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Yoimiya Vape is a very strong elemental team made up of great support characters who bring out the most Yoimiya's abilities. The following is a summary of the party squad members:

  • Yoimiya: Ultimate DPS
  • Xingiq: Fast Hydro App
  • Bennett: Healer
  • Yunjin: Normal ATK buffer

This Genshin Impact Team mainly focuses on evaporation reactions for very high damage output. This team was very effective against the Perpetual Mechanical Array as a single target based team.

The Perpetual Mechanical Array turned into a rocket and hit the player. Attack AOE is shown before the Mechanical Array hits the ground, so dodge it at the last minute!

Vape Walnuts

Mechanical Array
Hu Tao

While many teams focus on dealing as much damage as possible, the Walnut team also focuses on convenience. Walnut Vape Team may refer to different variations of Hu Tao's team composition. The most popular Walnut team will consist of the following party members:

  • Hu Tao: DPS

With the introduction of Yelan, many players have replaced Albedo in this meta team. Yelan and Hu Tao had great compatibility, which was extremely effective against someone like the Perpetual Mechanical Array.

This boss summoned the Ruins Destroyer, Ruins Destroyer, Ruins Defender, and Ruins Scout to fight while the Mechanical Array itself remained dormant. Group machines together and unleash powerful AoE attacks to damage them all at once!

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Raiden National

Mechanical Array

Raiden National had been one of the most used meta teams in any Spiral Abyss since its formation. The Genshin Impact team consists of the following characters:

  • Raiden Shogun: Sub-DPS and Battery
  • Xiangling: DPS
  • Xingqiu in the field: Hydro Application
  • Bennett: Healer and ATK buffer

Tim is a prime example of perfect harmony, with each character complementing each other with talents and passive buffs. For players who have these characters, no doubt this team can easily take care of Perpetual Mechanical Array.

We recommend bringing in a character who can deal Elemental DMG more often than not. Defeating the Perpetual Mechanical Array will be much faster especially with Melt or Vaporize reactions.

When the Perpetual Mechanical Array lost a certain amount of HP, it would defend and protect itself with a barrier while summoning four Ruin Enemies.

You must defeat the Ruin Enemy marked for the Perpetual Mechanical Array to break out of its Defense Form. Unmarked Ruins enemies won't take DMG so focus on attacking marked ones.

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After defeating the marked Ruin Enemy, the Perpetual Mechanical Array will lose its barrier and will be incapacitated for a period of time. Use up all of your strongest attacks when you're down before you can get up and fight.

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