Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile TDM Mode, Time to Explore Santorini!


In the new season update PUBG Mobile In the future, players will be introduced to the new PUBG Mobile TDM mode in the game, which can be played on its own unique map. The map, called Santorini, will be a new map exclusive to the mode and will be added in an update. 

In this article, we will discuss the new PUBG Mobile TDM mode coming to PUBG Mobile and share tips and tricks to succeed in it.

What's New in PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode,

PUBG Mobile's TDM mode will be available exclusively on the newly arrived Santorini map in the game. Map created after famous real-life Santorini locations.

Santorini is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea in Europe. Santorini is a popular tourist destination for its immaculate buildings and narrow streets along the sea. The in-game maps are very similar, with the sea and the typical cobblestone streets and narrow corners.

Since this is an 8v8 map, this map can accommodate 16 players instead of the usual 8 players. This map is also bigger than the usual TDM maps like Warehouse and Hangar.

Santorini features multiple angles, as is evident from playing the beta version, offering players the opportunity to adjust tactics and play according to multiple cover shots and by holding places. 

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode Tricks

Choose the Right Weapon

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

Weapon selection in PUBG Mobile's TDM mode is similar to Arena Training matches in the Arena. PUBG Mobile's TDM mode offers a limited range of weapons from the following categories.

Assault Rifle (AR), SMG, and Bolt-Action sniper rifle. It is recommended that players choose two weapons of their choice, depending on their role.

It's best to equip an AR like the SCAR-L or M416 along with the Bolt-Action sniper. For close range, it is recommended to carry a 7.6mm ammunition type SMG with an SMG.

Take advantage of the cover to stay safe

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

The Santorini map comes with lots of covers and angles to use against enemies. Peeking and shooting from cover can be very useful, when taking down unsuspecting enemies or when health is low.

Having good situational awareness and knowing when to take cover is as important as a player's main weapon skill.

Take Advantage of the New Climbing Features

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode,

An upcoming update will feature a climbing mechanic for the first time in the game, as part of the Santorini map.

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There will be two stairs, where you will be able to climb to reach higher positions on the map. by clicking on the climb option.

This will allow you to have a wider field of view and thus gather more info and shoot enemies.

It does come with cons, such as decreased movement speed and the inability to fire while climbing. This makes players an easy target.

Play As a Team For Better Coordination

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

When it comes to 8v8 combat on a map like Santorini, teamwork is one important factor, which definitely comes into play. This map offers multiple angles to protect teammates involved in close combat and exchange points with the enemy team if the player dies.

Also, the map has multiple sides, which the enemy team can exploit if everyone from the friendly team rushes in one direction. This usually leaves the wings open and increases the chance of backstab.

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Keep Moving Places To Get Profit

PUBG Mobile TDM Mode

If a player holds a certain place for a longer time, after a while, the enemy team will figure out the strategy. After several tries.

Opponents can stop trying to come through the place altogether. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly switch positions and find the best position on the map to catch enemies off guard and collect points.

Since it's a respawn game, people don't have to worry about dying like in classic games. They can instead play aggressively to push the enemy team to a disadvantage.

Since the addition of PUBG Mobile's TDM mode, there are almost no new maps other than Hangar or new modes other than Gun Game. Thus, the new PUBG Mobile 8v8 TDM mode will give players some fresh air, if they are bored with the existing mode.

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Are Vicigers friends happy with the new PUBG Mobile 8v8 TDM mode that is here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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