Interesting Summary of PMPL ID Season 3 and PMPL SEA Final Season 4

PMPL ID Season 3

Below, we will review the format of the two PUBG Mobile competitions which will be held in 2021. First, there is the PMPL ID Season 3 tournament to PMPL SEA Season 3 and PMPL SEA Finals Season 4 to PMGC 2021.

Gamers are definitely no stranger to the PUBG game. Yes, this game, which stands for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, is popular among gamers. This game with the battle royale genre can be played by 100 people at once. Then of all these players, they will compete to survive by killing each other on an island.

Players need loot in the form of weapons, bullets, medical devices, vehicles, and bombs to survive. Because, whoever will survive until the end, then he will be the winner. In PUBG itself, the winner is termed a Chicken Dinner.

The popularity of this game attracts the attention of all people to play PUBG. Naturally, if in every corner of the environment there must be someone playing the PUBG game.

In addition, the popularity of PUBG itself is often made into competitions or tournaments. One of them is PUBG Mobile Pro Player Indonesia (PMPL ID) season 3 which will be held in 2021.

PUBG Tournament Format, PMPL ID, SEA, Up to PMGC

When it comes to PUBG, it's definitely endless. Because, PUBG is one of the games with interesting quality and features that are no less good than other games. So, this game is always busy being discussed by all circles.

Therefore, below, we will review the format of the 2021 PUBG Mobile tournament. Starting from PMPL ID and SEA Final Season 3, then there is PMPL SEA Final Season 4, and finally PMGC 2021.

PMPL ID Season 3 Towards PMPL SEA Season 3

Actually, PUBG Mobile Pro Player Season 3 itself has been held since March 24. Then in the weekday round which was held for 3 matchays, every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. In this round, as many as 20 teams divided into 5 groups will compete and defeat each other.

Then, the 16 best teams in that round have the opportunity to enter the super weekend round for 2 matchdays. This round is held on Saturday and Sunday.

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