Battle Card Strategy In Phantom Rose Scarlet

Enjoying card games turns out to be quite fun and stressful because the card decks that have been assembled are working properly or not. It's just that what are the consequences if the cards obtained are random and then the card deck returns to the beginning if it dies? Try the fun of the card game from Phantom Rose Scarlet.

In Phantom Rose Scarlet, players try to control Reina, a maid who recently died and was resurrected by a mysterious character. Now the player's mission is to explore the mansion inhabited by many monsters to find the missing master.

Roguelite Element

In game Phantom Rose Scarlet In this case, the player is tasked with exploring the vast mansion on their own. So in this game all that must be done is to set the card deck that will be used to compete. There is a roguelite element where this game can always change every time it is run. The roguelite elements are stored in the cards obtained. Cards in Phantom Rose Scarlet are obtained randomly from various events, such as redeeming cards from random sellers, finding from secret rooms, and much more. Not only that, if the player dies, the deck of cards that have been arranged immediately disappears and the player must repeat it from the first floor.

Match Strategy

Match in Phantom Rose Scarlet very simple. The game is played in turns, but the player must plan a move from scratch. Seen in the middle of the screen provided 4 boxes as a sign of the sequence of steps of the characters. Then there are 2 boxes that have been filled due to the opponent's attack, so now the player must prepare a strategy, namely choosing the appropriate card to attack the opponent while minimizing the damage obtained. Once the card is used, it cannot be reused until the cooldown is complete. Therefore, players must be careful when setting a strategy because it could be that the attacking cards run out.

There are two types of cards in Phantom Rose Scarlet namely: Attack cards and Magic cards. The Attack Card functions in the action of attacking the opponent. These Attack cards also vary, for example, attack cards that get stronger each time they are used, cards that will be even more powerful if placed in slot 1 position, and so on. While Magic cards are more diverse in terms of content. For example, Magic cards with the function of restoring reduced HP, Magic cards with the use of creating a barrier so that enemy attacks don't hurt too much, to buff and debuff cards with the function of turning the situation around.

Beautiful Graphics to Look at

Including very exciting things from Phantom Rose Scarlet namely graphical treats. The graphic display that is presented presents a dark feel in the form of various dark colors. However, the picture is still beautiful enough that it will make you feel at home playing. The music in Phantom Rose Scarlet is also the same, resulting in an increasingly dark atmosphere.

Phantom Rose Scarlet  presents a simple but quite interesting gameplay to try. Players have to think a little hard in order to use the right strategy. It's just that the random menu to get cards or the card system cannot be used until the cooldown is drained will be enough to disturb the implementation of the strategy used. Phantom Rose Scarlet game can be enjoyed for free without an internet connection. As usual various advertisements will be displayed, but in general it doesn't really hinder the game. Players can also buy packages that will remove advertisements and costume choices for Reina. Phantom Rose Scarlet successfully presents a new atmosphere that is different from most games. What's more interesting is that this game is only made alone.

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