PS5 Compatible SSD Drives

All PS5 Compatible SSD Drives Guide

SSD drives what can you use for PS5? Sony has confirmed that they are allowing their users to upgrade the storage capacity of the PlayStation 5. With an SSD drive with a capacity of 825GB, it's certainly not enough for users hardcore gamer.

The recommended SSD Drive is the NVMe SSD series, but it doesn't just have to be the NVMe series, there are special criteria for it to be used on your PS5. Continuing from the PS5: Ultimate Guide that we compiled, VCGamers will provide information about this.

All PS5 Compatible SSD Drives Announced

As of writing this article, Sony has not announced an official SSD Drive specifically designed for the PS5. Possibly, Sony will work with well-known manufacturers/factories such as Western Digital or Seagate to manufacture an official PS5 SSD Drive license.

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