Solar Smash, Super Powerful Planet Destruction Simulation Game

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Not a few people who have struggled in greening the earth. This can be started by reducing the production of plastic waste, recycling waste, planting trees, and reducing motor vehicle pollution. However, what are the consequences if all these problems become useless because the damage to the earth actually comes from outer space. It is deep Solar Smash made a simulation in a very exciting depiction.

Solar Smash is a game about the destruction of many planets in outer space, including Earth, which has been inhabited by humans so far. How exciting and tense is Solar Smash in describing the destruction process? Check out the review of this game below:

Terrible Planet Destruction

Solar Smash is an interesting choice of planet destruction simulation game offered by the developer Paradyme Games. In this game players can take advantage of various kinds of super powerful weapons in an effort to destroy a chosen planet. Starting from planet Earth, players will be able to blow up various planets one by one, just like the Death Star incident which destroyed the planets to smithereens.

Players are asked to use weapons whose choices are in 4 different categories, namely weapons, galaxies, cosmic horror and aliens. Each category has a variety of weapons that can be used from destroying planets, whether it's with a small level to a large one.

There are various things in the galaxy that can pulverize a planet, including meteor chunks that can be dropped on a target planet, a black hole, and even planets. Weapons made by humans also have the ability to destroy a planet. In that category, players have access to various types of missiles, laser weapons, to nuclear weapons which are quite fatal.

External elements that can also destroy a planet must be due to alien interference. Deep player Solar Smash can launch various kinds of UFO hits in this category in order to dispel curiosity about more advanced civilizations being able to destroy planet earth. For those who know the scary stories of Cthulhu, cosmic horror is a category of destruction caused by various creatures that are so scary. Only three types of strange creatures were found, namely: scary space centipedes, to occult creatures that can destroy a planet.

Solar System

Beside the main mode which is Planet Smash, in the game Solar Smash  it also presents another mode namely System Smash. In this mode, players are provided with a solar system, which includes the Sun and several planets that orbit it, including Earth and Jupiter. Players are free to blow up a solar system using any method, for example using a black hole, or launching a planet with just a finger swipe. Players can also launch a planet to get out of the solar system or smash it into the sun.

Players can create destruction from various planets such as Earth, Venus, Mars, to several mysterious planets such as Hades or planets created by the players themselves. The depiction of the destruction shown in Solar Smash is really realistic and looks scary, for example a missile weapon that will create a vast crater on the surface of the earth, to damage to a planet due to being hit by another planet. It's a really realistic game where you see a planet die from being blown to pieces.

Offline Free Games

This Solar Smash game about the process of destroying the galaxy is provided free of charge. Players don't even need Internet access. The fun thing is, this game doesn't even apply a stamina system or anything like that, and if players don't want to see ads, they can simply redeem the "Remove Adverts" feature or run the game offline. Thanks to the availability of various Achievements that can be unlocked, Solar Smash is able to present the experience of watching the process of destroying a planet that looks very real. That's the best science fiction simulation game in the process of destroying the earth.

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