5 Most Rare Gloo Wall FF MAX Skins in Season 27

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Check this page to see the 5 rarest FF Max gloo wall skins in season 27 of Free Fire. Curious? Just read the review below.

Free Fire MAX has become a permanent name in the online shooting games category. This game has garnered millions of fans around the world with its amazing dynamics, and the developers are constantly adding new collections and skins to keep the game interesting.

This skin is available for weapons, vehicles, and Gloo Walls. Gloo Wall FF Max's skin is a type of grenade that players can use to get instant protection from enemy players.

Players like to use the Gloo Wall FF Max skin to make their character look dominant in the match. Some Gloo Wall FF Max skins are time-limited or exclusive, which makes them rare. This article discusses the five rarest Gloo Wall FF Max skins in this game.

Gloo Wall FF Max Skin List

FF Max's gloo wall skin is the most sought after and rarely claimed item. Players cannot unlock them through the in-game shop as they only arrive through special events. In addition, gloo walls often cost hundreds of diamonds, and users should be careful when spending them.

Developers introduce most of the gloo wall skins through collaborations, themed events, regional festivals, or anniversaries. Since all gloo walls are rare, some of them are getting rarer over time as not many gamers claim them.

Gold Vault

Gloo Wall FF MAX skin
Gold vault

The Gold Vault Gloo Wall skin mimics the look of a vault door. He is available in the secondary Money Heist collaboration. The skin came as an exclusive gift in the event and became a rare Gloo Wall FF Max skin when the event ended in the game.

Death Guardian

Gloo Wall FF MAX skin

The Death Guardian Gloo Wall skin is one of the best skins for Gloo Walls in Free Fire MAX. The Death Guardian is widely known for its Transformers-inspired appearance with red eyes in the center of the Gloo Wall.

Eyes add to the appeal of this Death Guardian and make players want it even more. Next to the eyes, the Death Guardian has a large protective face in the center with a yellow theme on the side of the Death Guardian.

Hayato The Guardian Gloo Wall

Hayato Guardian is one of the most beautiful Gloo Wall FF Max skins in Free Fire. Hayato Guardian has an aesthetic blue color that is very pleasing to the eye.

The cool appearance of the skin, with the character holding a sword in the middle, makes the skin even more popular among fans. The skin is available during the Midnight Samurai Top-Up event.

Hayato The Guardian is another rare skin that offers one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs. However, this Hayato-themed cosmetic was somewhat less popular when it first appeared.

This beautiful skin was part of the Midnight Samurai top-up event, but eventually became one of the rarest in Free Fire because it was not popular.

Ancient Order

Gloo Wall FF MAX skin
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The Ancient Order is a fan favorite when it comes to Free Fire skins Gloo Wall the rarest. The white leather theme looks very neat, and the black samurai with two swords and a dragon wrapped around the skin makes the skin even more attractive.

The skin is available as a pre-order reward for the Season 24 Elite Pass. Players are patiently waiting for the developers to add skins back to the title.

In the past, the in-game pre-order feature allowed users to pre-purchase Elite Pass and Elite Pass bundles. The Elite bundle gives them a pretty exclusive pre-order gift. One of the prizes was a white Ancient Order gloo wall.

Garena is giving an Ancient Oder as a pre-order gift for the Season 24 Elite Bundle. This item has an impressive design that features a samurai-like silhouette alongside a red aura.

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Gloo Ram

Gloo Wall FF MAX skin
Gloo Ram

Gloo Ramp Gloo Wall skin is one of the most creative and versatile skins in the game. His skin looks mini with a bright purple color. Gloo Ramp is very flashy and can amaze many players in a match.

Players can get skins at the Lucky Spin Royale event on Free Fire. The skin is Halloween based, and players can use the skin as a move to gain a height advantage to defeat their opponents.

Free Fire, which has been around for a while now, often finds itself receiving a lot of new content. This is why it's not too surprising that Free Fire has seen more items than anyone knows. That said, not all cosmetics are created equal, and the list above contains only the rare and very attractive skins.

The last entry on this list, Gloo Ramp, unlike other skins, has a small build. Despite having the most chance of returning in Free Fire, its design makes it an unpopular choice among fans.

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Introduced during the Halloween season in 2020, the purple skin doesn't offer much cover. However, users can create temporary ladders with the Gloo Ramp to climb various structures. This list is not written in any particular order and reflects only the opinions of the authors.

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