WOW! Silvanus, New Bundle From Valorant! #1

Silvanus, New Bundle From Valorant!

Hi vicigers, Dataminers quickly discover new and exciting things hidden in the Valorant game files, including a new skin bundle called Silvanus.

A Valorant leaker who goes by the name ValorantHubb is the fastest, and he can find the entire bundle.

In the latest patch, it is predicted that Valorant will release a new bundle called Silvanus. In this bundle, those who get new skins are Sheriff, Phantom, Vandal, Operator and also Stinger.

It seems that Valorant will continue to update its new bundles, and it is predicted that this time there will be add ons or additional effects that make the weapon skin even more attractive.

So, here are the details of the Silvanus bundle:

The first one is Sheriff :

Silvanus, New Bundle From Valorant! #1

The second one is Operator :

Silvanus, New Bundle From Valorant! #1

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