Shooty Skies Android, Unique Shooter Game A la Crossy Road

Be the choice of games with shooter concept, Shooty Skies Android adopts an element of fun challenge where players will face hordes of enemies that appear randomly. This aspect is somewhat different from the general top down shooter game with a predictable pattern of enemy appearances.

Enemy Hard to Predict

The patterns and types of opponents you face are different for each level. So in Shooty Skies This is not found exactly the same level because the place of appearance, type, until the opponent's attack tactics are not the same. This factor will test the speed of reflexes and the decisions that must be made.

At the start of the game, players face off against easy-level enemies. The farther away, the more difficult the enemy's abilities are, including boss level enemies. Players will not be able to predict the nature of the boss they are facing, including the attack pattern that will be launched. The skill to attack the boss will be even more dangerous when the energy you have will run out. The shooter mechanism is also able to increase the challenge in the game.

Easy Control

Mighty Games as the developer has succeeded in optimizing the touch screen feature in bringing fun to play arcade shooter games. Control in Shooty Skies only requires one finger to move the character. With just a touch of a finger to the screen, the character immediately spit out a machine gun as a mainstay weapon. Moving your finger on the screen will change the character's position. When the touch of a finger is removed from the screen, the character also meets a special weapon in the form of a missile which is immediately spit out when the finger touches the screen. The character will move swiftly according to the direction of finger movement on the screen.

There are ads but no problem

Shooty Skies like Crossy Road also displays ads, but their placement doesn't interfere with the fun of playing. Players will be treated to many ads including paying for new characters via IAP. By playing advertising videos, for example, players will get various power-ups and other interesting bonuses. In Shooty Skies, players will be offered an ad every time the game is finished. If players want to see an ad in the form of a video of about 30 seconds, they can continue the game or get a special bonus. The bonus forms vary, such as coins to rifle power-ups.

The coins you get can later be used to pay for new characters or increase their strength. New characters can be picked up from the UFO Catcher machine which will be obtained randomly. Exchange coins to pay for shot upgrades then instantly available for a few hours. In the Shooty Skies game, there is no energy mechanism, so players can play as long as they want. Players can play again after completing a round, no need to wait for full energy again like similar games.

Crossy Road Visuals

Including an interesting feature that is presented by developer Shooty Skies, namely the visual depiction of the famous Crossy Road game. Funny pictures with a simple appearance can actually attract many players from various parts of the world. For example, animation of trees in the form of cubes or characters and objects that seem to be formed using boxes. Although the animation visuals displayed are not the best, in general they are pretty good.

Even so, the background treats of Shooty Skies that are the same throughout the game have the potential to cause boredom for some players. Players are only shown a uniform view from the beginning to the end of the game minus the variety of objects on the background. The developer has actually tried to present a variety of different background images for each character. It's just that the touch is felt only at the beginning of the game. The impression of repetition begins to be felt after playing Shooty Skies for only a few minutes.

Shooty Skies offers a variety of things that previously made Crossy Road a favorite game. This game offers a good freemium concept with challenging gameplay, plus simple but attractive visuals. This game is perfect for players who really need light and fun entertainment. Moreover, this game can also be run without an internet connection, making it suitable to be played anytime at any time.

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