The Easiest Trick To Shoot in PUBG Mobile, Can Auto AIM!

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There is an easiest trick for you to shoot at PUBG Mobile and can auto AIM. Is it possible? Actually, there are several ways to keep shots from shaking and not all PUBG Mobile players know about this. 

It's a shame if Vicigers friends already have good weapons, but the AIM is still bad. Moreover, the weapons obtained are much better than the enemy. You will know ridicule if your shooting method is still crazy.

Shooting should not be careless, the enemy can kill you directly when dealing with one on one. Your weapon should be much better, but because your AIM is still bad, you don't have any bullets hitting the enemy. This can become a laughing stock that becomes your enemy.

Most players with poor AIM will find it difficult to have a Chicken Dinner. A player with a bad AIM can never win one on one.

Well, for that we have summarized some of the easiest tricks to shoot in PUBG Mobile and can auto AIM.

What is AIM?

AIM is usually called a shooting game. Therefore, the goal is the player's ability to direct the crosshair towards the enemy's body quickly and precisely. Usually, players who have good auto AIM tend to win when 1 vs 1.

How to Auto AIM on PUBG Mobile

Use Scope

PUBG Mobile 6x scope on Erangel

To shoot more comfortably and more precisely, don't forget to use a scope. When the scope is used, you will definitely find it easier to target the enemy.

In addition, a scope with a zoom function (2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x), will be aimed more precisely from a distance (if using a sniper). So the AIM does not miss and perfectly hits the enemy. 

No need to rush

One of the habits of beginner PUBG Mobile players is to shoot hastily at the enemy, even though the crosshair is not correct. So that no shots hit the enemy. If it's 1 v1, you don't need to rush, let alone panic.

Try to stay calm and aim the crosshair properly at the enemy. If necessary, it is directed at the head so that the damage given is much more painful.

Complete Weapon Attachment

Muzzle Mods

There are 2 types of the best weapons for auto AIM in PUBG Mobile, namely AR and SMG. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each. When you use any weapon, complete the attachment.

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The use of complete attachment weapons will be more stable and recoil will be less. So it is very important to complete the attachments in each weapon used. As for Grip, you can use Half Grip because it's good for spraying.

Use Gyroscope

The hallmark of Pro players is that they use a Gyroscope on average in every game. In fact, this Gyroscope has a very significant effect on target control.

Gyroscope can make AIM better, even to shoot the opponent from a distance, it will still hit. Use the Gyroscope to be more pro and it can give auto AIM to your shots.

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Don't Use TPP Mode

Shooting with TPP mode is the wrong way to shoot (unless the enemy is very). When you use TPP mode, your AIM will be messed up.

It is possible that the shot you did not hit the opponent perfectly. Don't do this if you are a beginner. Unless you are used to it and are already a pro in this TPP mode.

Play with Three Fingers

If you are still playing with 2 fingers, you should now learn to use 3 fingers. Believe me, to advance to a higher level, the speed of play and the technique of shooting variations must be better.

When playing PUBG with 3 fingers, you will be faster than the previous movement, because it is more free, and there are more shooting variations.

For example, the Intiport jumpshot trick, shoot left and right moves, and much more. To play PUBG with 3 fingers, practice often and choose the controls that are right for you. 

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Well, above is how to shoot in PUBG Mobile to be able to auto AIM. Of course, you should always practice so that you can shoot the enemy correctly and on target. Good luck and get a Chicken Dinner!

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