Shining Beyond, an Exciting RPG Mobile Game with Dozens of Heroes

Shining Beyond


Exciting Mobile RPG Game with Dozens of Heroes

Shining Beyond

Hi Vicigers! Exciting Mobile RPG Game with Dozens of Heroes! The Latest Shining Beyond Mobile RPG is Officially Released!

Braves as the creator of the popular Mobile RPG 'Valiant Force' has officially announced the launch of their newest game, Shining Beyond. Gamers from all over the world can officially download the Shining Beyond game on Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. Shining Beyond is also recommended by the Google Play Store as one of the hottest pre-registration games!

Founded in 2014, XII Braves is a fairly young mobile game developer based in Singapore. Their first mobile title, Valiant Force, launched in 2016 and did quite well delivering a lot of interesting and innovative content at the time. Now with its second mobile game title – Shining Beyond, XII Braves is ready to show the world a newly upgraded epic adventure.


More than 500 thousand people have participated in the pre-registration campaign, in celebration of this, Shining Beyond is giving all gamers attractive and exclusive gifts such as Hero Olivia with Olivia's School Uniform Costume and Immortal Valor Wings. Best of all, all gamers will receive a 10x Premium Summon Ticket to start your adventure in the world of Shining Beyond. Are you ready to summon your first UR Hero?


In a World ruled by Darkness, a small group of heroes unite in resistance. Their goal is to rise up against the New Empire, and shine beyond the darkness, becoming a pillar of hope against this Tyranny.

In this epic saga that parallels the events of Valiant Force, our Hero Jake fiercely battles the demons within him. With the help of his friends and trusted allies, Jake must fend off the waves of dark power pouring out of the Abyssal gates, restrain the minions whose sole aim is to rejoin Emma's main force and begin taking over Arathos.


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