5 Items Set Similar to Criminal Bundle FF 2022

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There are some very similar and rare item sets like Criminal Bundle FF 2022. Are they cool and rare? Just check the reviews in this article.

Many players in Free Fire MAX which focuses on Free Fire items such as skins. Costume bundles emerged as one of the best sellers as they helped individuals customize the overall look of the character and personalize it.

With each update, Garena has brought many unique outfits, some of which even include special features. Nonetheless, some of the older collections, including the Criminal Bundle, still stand out as the most valuable and interesting released.

You can read on to know about other rare bundles similar to Criminal Bundle. This article is subjective and solely reflects the views of the author.

List of Items Like Criminal Bundle

The developers have released various attractive bundles for users to make their profile look more stylish. Some of these bundles are available on the Elite Pass, while others can be purchased through diamonds. The Criminal Bundle is one of the most popular bundles in the game.

Zombified Samurai

Criminal Bundle

The Zombified Samurai is a red-themed Samurai outfit that features a mask with horns like demons and white hair.

The costume first appeared on the Free Fire Indonesia server at the end of 2018 and has been re-added several times. Nonetheless, it was considered a rare item like the Criminal Bundle.

The mask is one of the main draws, and the bundle is currently available at the Samurai event which will end on June 9, 2022. It consists of the following items:

  • Zombified Samurai (Mask)
  • Zombified Samurai (Top)
  • Zombified Samurai (Bottom)
  • Zombified Samurai (Shoes) 

Bunny Warrior

Criminal Bundle

Many Free Fire MAX India players will collect the Bunny Warrior Bundle with its unique Bunny head, which is often used by many content creators. The outfit featured a red neck scarf and light colored pants, making it very attractive.

The Bunny Warrior Bundle was first introduced through the Draw a Bunny event in April 2019 and subsequently appeared on the Indian server in October 2019. These include:

  • Bunny Warrior (Mask)
  • Bunny Warrior (Top)
  • Bunny Warrior (Bottom)
  • Bunny Warrior (Shoes) 

The Streets Bundle

Criminal Bundle

The Street Bundle, also known to players as the Hip Hop Bundle and similar to the Criminal Bundle, is one of the rarest outfits in the game. It was part of the second Free Fire Elite Pass in 2018. Therefore, not many players have the bundle.

Her outfit includes a hat and bandana, while the pink and black color theme with white shoes makes her very eye-catching. Many gamers use the entire bundle, while others use the top and head. This includes the following:

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  • The Streets (Head)
  • The Streets (Top)
  • The Streets (Bottom)
  • The Streets (Shoes) 

Blue Dino (Galaxy Dino)

Criminal Bundle

Blue Dino, also known among players as Galaxy Dino, was part of the first incubator on Free Fire along with five other similarly themed outfits. Since it was part of the early lucky royale, not many gamers got it due to its high price.

Immediately after being removed from the game, it became a rare commodity. The costume comes in a dark blue color along with a luminous patch. Gamers can only wear them at a time, unlike the other outfits on this list.

The Dino Bundle has become one of the most popular and rare, like the Criminal Bundle and Cobra Rage. They were part of the Dino Incubator in January 2020 and have been a fan favorite ever since.

The Galaxy Dino pack is the most sought after outfit set among the six options. However, none of the six Dino bundles made it back into the game properly.

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Criminal Bundle

Players generally call the bundles available on Free Fire Elite Pass first as the Sakura Bundle. During the pass, the developer gives out individual items as gifts, and the full set is based on a Sakura or Cherry Blossom theme.

Now after the 49th Season Pass, items in the previous ones became extremely rare. Apart from that, Oni Mask and Way of the Bushido (Above) are very good and popular to be used by players who own them. The Sakura Bundle has the following features:

  • Oni Mask
  • Way of the Bushido (Top)
  • Bushido Bottom
  • Bushido Footwear

Character clothing is one of the most desirable items in Garena Free Fire MAX because it provides users with various customization options.

Players can create unique combinations using different outfits, while they can also obtain complete outfit sets through Lucky Royale, shops, events, and more. Many sets of clothes including the rarest in the game.

Criminal Bundle and Cobra Rage are two of the rarest and most popular bundles in Garena Free Fire MAX. Both sets of character outfits are unique and highly coveted.

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The Cobra Rage bundle offers alternating colors with special effects, while the Criminal set is a multi-colored jumpsuit that has been a fan favorite and rare for quite a while.

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