The Secret to Make Beginners Look Pro Playing Free Fire

Free Fire

This time, we will give a secret for beginners to look pro when playing Free Fire in 2021. Given the popularity of the genre game battle royale it has not been replaced until now even though there are several similar games that are competitors. As a result, there are many new players who continue to play this game developed by 111dots Studio.

Therefore, we will provide some of this information to those of you who are new players in Free Fire. Remember, this will be quite helpful and make you less clumsy when you just start trying to play it.

This is the secret to make beginners look pro on Free Fire

  • Self-confident

You could say, you will be less confident when you just play Free Fire. Given, this game will look new and need adaptation to be able to adapt to the game. However, it will be different if you have been playing it for a long time. Because, it will make you comfortable and will be able to enjoy every match.

Moreover, being confident in this game will make you grow. For example, you must learn to defeat the enemy and be brave enough to face them. That is, you don't need to run away or panic when faced with enemies around you. Therefore, you don't have to worry about being killed by your enemy because you can return to the lobby and immediately start playing again.

  • Learn Dragshot To Get Headshot

Maybe, everyone will be able to do a dragshot. However, there are several factors that will make you successful in doing this. For details: you have to press the fire button upwards when your enemy is in a stationary position, it can also be in a crouching position and finally when your opponent rushes towards you.

However, you will find it difficult to get a headshot, for example the enemy runs to the right or left.

  • Use Chrono Abilities

Previously, you would often hear petty words about 'give Alok'. However, the reality is that now the last character (Alok) is actually not very OP anymore because Chrono has been replaced.

Remember, the character who was inspired by Cristian Ronaldo has the ability to protect himself by activating a transparent shield and can shoot from it. As a result, many players call the ability of Chrono an 'illegal skill'.

  • Battle in Early Game

For new players in Free Fire, the battle at the beginning of the game is mandatory to be sharpened. Given, in this situation there are many opponents who will be encountered in a state of chaos because they do not have weapons or items to fight.

Moreover, you will get additional kills easily when there are new enemies down. Remembering, that additional kill will also make you lighter plus get additional points when playing ranked mode.

  • Use Bounty

For Bounty, maybe this will be enough to help you at the beginning of the game. Because, you will easily find many items (helmets, vests, etc.) with a high level after defeating the enemy.

Moreover, finding and getting items with a high level is also quite difficult, such as not looking in the air drop. In addition, some items in the air drop are sometimes not very good (for example, you will only get a medkit).


  • Bad Habits That Must Be Left

Furthermore, novice players must leave their bad habit of not using excessive analog buttons. Remember, the analog buttons on Free Fire are only used for body installation and loot while playing around.

Moreover, the buttons in this game will also be different from a similar game, PUBG. Therefore, we only recommend you to use the run button after shooting and you can repeat this step when you want to defeat the enemy. Because, it will make the movement faster.

  • Understand the Effective Range of Weapons Carried

When in a close combat situation, you also have to remember very well about what melee weapons can later benefit you. For example, you carry an MP40 weapon and your opponent carries a shotgun. As much as possible, you must keep your distance from your opponent because the percentage of close combat he has is quite large.

  • Use Weapons With Stats ROF++

For weapons that have an ROF (rate of fire) or can issue 20 bullets when shooting. But if there is an addition to this stat, then your weapon will be able to issue more than 20 bullets. However, it will still be in accordance with the stat of the weapon used.

Apart from that, the advantage of using a weapon with this stat will make a large percentage of you dragshot. Finally, the number of bullets issued will make the damage caused by the weapon even more painful.

  • Scope Usage

Next, don't use the scope button when there are enemies in the middle range. For example, you continue to use the scope when using an assassin rifle. Considering, the efficient firing range of this weapon is indeed in the middle range.

However, when imposing this situation (continuing to use the scope) the direction of the shot will be at the enemy's chest and you will have difficulty dragshot.

  • Practice Reflexes and Thinking Speed

Lastly, practicing reflexes here will make you have to keep trying to protect by placing your character's body away from shots. Meanwhile, for the speed of thinking, you have to be quick to find solutions when you are in a precarious/cornered situation.

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