Secret Loot Map Erangel PUBG Mobile

Erangel PUBG Mobile Loot Map
Loot Map Erangel secret. Including things that must be considered if you want to win when playing the PUBG Mobile game, namely the selection of weapons. Having a great type of weapon clearly increases the chance of getting a Chicken Dinner. The weapons were not scattered everywhere but hidden in some special places. Check where good weapons in PUBG Mobile are hidden.
Erangel PUBG Mobile Loot Map

Finding a good weapon hiding location will certainly have an impact on uninterrupted looting and then the chances of winning are getting wider. Especially when the player is in Map Erangel. The Erangel map is often chosen and played by PUBG Mobile players. Erangel is the default map as the location of the battle arena in PUBG Mobile. The Erangel map has several types of battlefields where there are many bushes to dense trees. The exact possible loot point for Erangel Map should be known to every player. The locations are as follows:

Sosnovka Military Base

This Erangel Map loot place is at the far south end which is used as a military center. Therefore, this Sosnovka Military Base point has a fairly large area so that it can be a location for loot weapons. Thanks to a very strategic location, players must always be careful when entering this map. Because there will be many other players who choose this Sosnovka Military Base when they want to find the best weapon. When in this area, players will find it easier to enter other areas. If the player believes he has landed at this point, try to jump in as soon as possible in order to get the desired items. After that find a vehicle to take you to a safe location outside the island. Choose one of the two existing bridges.


The destination point for looting the Erangel Map has an area that tends to be open, surrounded by a number of buildings plus scattered fields. Not a few players are looking for great weapons here. That's why the Pochinki area's Erangel Map can be used as a really exciting battle arena when the game starts. When players really want to land in the Pochinki area, they should look for long-range weapons first, such as the Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle. The appropriate battle arena allows players to clearly see the opponent's movements even at a distance, to be shot immediately.


This landing point is in the northwest and is used for the port. This location is also quite spacious so players can loot the Erangel Map, especially between containers and warehouse buildings. As with other loot points, players must be vigilant when entering Georgopol. Especially if you are a beginner, of course you still don't really understand the situation. Once you land at this point, quickly move to find weapons or items, then get a vehicle to get out of Georgepol.


Located in the middle of the Erangel map. The choice of the location of the Erangel loot map is also quite interesting to find a mainstay weapon. In this area there are many buildings in which there are good items such as armor, helmets and several other items. When entering this point players can explore further to other places such as Water Town, School to Apartments. Because Rozhok is located in the center of the map so players don't have to move far to reach the safe zone. Therefore players can complete free loot.

Yasnaya Polyana

This Erangel loot map may not be so famous because of its position in the northeast. Although this location offers quite decent possibilities as a point of finding the best weapons. In fact, it can be said that it is more profitable than the Rozhak or Pochinki areas.


The area is located at the easternmost of the Erangel map, making the Mylta area quite difficult for players to reach. This location is roughly similar to Sosnovka Military Base, but standing buildings are a bit sparse. This Erangel loot map option is even the most frequently found, namely vehicles for escaping.

Now players know which places are the loot points for the Erangel map in PUBG Mobile. Please note that if you land at a point with various weapons stored, it is likely that there will be frequent fights between players. Here applies who is fast then he will get the best weapon.

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