PMPL ID Season 3 Grand Final Schedule!

PMPL ID Season 3 Grand Final Schedule!

PMPL ID S3 Grand Final Schedule Starting Friday 16 April 2021.

PMPL ID S3 will soon enter the grand final round. There are 16 teams that will compete to win the prestigious title of the best PUBG Mobile Indonesia team.

Previously, last Sunday (11/4) PMPL ID Season 3 had just finished the regular season after three weeks of running. Bigetron Red Aliens was still too tough and managed to win the trophy.

Under BTR there is Evos Reborn who also plays impressively. Evos is only 13 points behind BTR, almost becoming the champion.

Well, soon the grand final will roll from Friday (16/4) to Sunday (18/4). All teams' points will start from zero, meaning all teams have the same chance.


There are 18 matches divided into three days. That means there are 6 matches per day. Here's the full schedule!

PMPL ID Season 3 Grand Final Complete schedule
pmpl id season 3 grand finale

The Grand Final will begin on Friday (16/4) afternoon. There are 6 matches per day, lasting for three days.

The order of 6 matches in three days is the same. Starting from Friday at 17.00 and ending on Sunday at 23.00

  • Match 1: Sanhok
  • Match 2: Erangel
  • Match 3: Miramar
  • Match 4: Sanhok
  • Match 5: Miramar
  • Match 6: Erangel
List of participants
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After going through three fierce weeks of the regular season, there were 4 teams who had to swallow the disappointment of failing to qualify for the Grand Final.

The four teams that failed were Alter Ego, Morph Supplybang, Takae Esports, and 69 Esports.

16 other teams are entitled to advance to the Grand Final to compete for the prestigious trophy. Here's the full list:

  1. Bigetron Red Aliens
  2. Evos Reborn G
  3. Genesis Dogma
  4. Boom Esports
  5. Bona fide Esports
  6. Aura Esports
  7. Victim Esports
  8. Skylightz Gaming
  9. Eagle365 Esports
  10. 21 Esports
  11. Victory
  12. RRQ Ryu
  13. Onic Esports
  14. Geek Fam ID
  15. God of United Esports
  16. Aerowolf Limax
Total prize

Not kidding, this time PMPL ID S3 provides a prize pool of 150,000 USD. Most of it was shared in the regular season yesterday.

For the Grand Final, here are the details of the prizes for the top teams.

  • Winner: 15,000 USD (219 million IDR)
  • Runner-up: 10,000 USD (146 million IDR)
  • Third place: 7,500 USD (109 million IDR)
  • Rank four: 5,000 USD (73 million IDR)
  • WWCD: 100 USD (1.4 million IDR)

Will Aerowolf Limax manage to defend its championship title? Is there a new champion for PMPL ID Season 3?

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