Official Samsung Galaxy A52 Ready to Enliven the Indonesian Smartphone Market

Samsung Galaxy A52

Galaxy A52, a mid-range cellphone from Samsung that has only been launched in Indonesia for a few hours since it was announced for official sale. The Galaxy A52 hopes to be as successful as its younger siblings, who were Samsung's champions for the middle class at that time, namely the A50, A50s, and A51. Even his younger siblings offer many variants in terms of RAM and internal storage. RAM starts from 4GB to 8GB, internal storage from 64GB until the last Samsung officially entered the highest variant for the Galaxy A51 with 256GB of internal storage.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 is officially sold in Indonesia with two variants of RAM capacity and internal storage. 8/128GB which is priced at SRP 5 million less than a thousand rupiah, and 8/256GB at a price of 5.4 million less than a thousand rupiah. Will the Galaxy A52 behype her siblings? We'll just have to wait for this HP journey, will there be many competitors who can kill the popularity of the Galaxy A52, or even the A52 will become the prima donna of the community, like the previous A5x series.

Galaxy A52 As a middle class cellphone from Samsung

With a price of 5 million less than a thousand rupiah, we think it's not right to put it in the middle class category, but we usually tell you the secret. SRP prices at official stores, both offline and online, will be different from the SRP prices for sellers at regular stores, especially sellers who have online stores in the marketplace/e-commerce. Check it out in the next few days or weeks on your favorite marketplace/ecommerce, you can definitely get the Galaxy A52 for under 5 million as the official retail price.

Why can we conclude like that? Because this happened to all his younger siblings, the Galaxy A52, even to almost all Samsung Galaxy cellphones. Prices will drop considerably, up to the third month according to our observations, so for those who intend to buy the Galaxy A52, we think they can wait until the 3rd month since launch, and even then with the hope that Samsung does not issue a follow-up series, for example A52s or A53.

Or for those of you who always know and never miss info about flash sales or discounts, as well as cashback in the marketplace/ecommerce, please ask for this cellphone, because you will get a price below 5 million rupiah. But if you can't wait, just buy it right away, don't hold it in!

With a slightly different design from its siblings, the Galaxy A52 brings a fresh appearance as Samsung's new cellphone. Their flagship color is awesome blue, and there are still three other color variants, namely Awesome Black, Awesome White, and Awesome Violet.

Qualified middle class offal

Embedded series 7 chipset from Qualcomm, namely Snapdragon 720G 2.3GHz, GPU Adreno 618, making this cellphone okay in its class. Not to forget, the Galaxy A52 is also equipped with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED panel with a 20:9 ratio combined with Gorilla Glass 5. Five cameras with LED flash on the main camera module, namely a 64MP (wide), 12MP (ultrawide) camera, and each 5MP each for macro & depth lenses, plus a 32MP selfie camera.

never absent, NFC is a mandatory default feature of the Galaxy A5o series, but not yet in the first series A50, starting to always be embedded NFC in the second series, the A50s.

For sensors and other common features such as wifi, bluetooth, gps, and so on, the Galaxy A52 has specifications that are not much different from its sister, the Galaxy A51. Visible differences, apart from the design aspect, can only be seen in the stereo speakers found on the Galaxy A52 which will add to your experience when listening to the sound that comes out of this device.

It is advertised that the Galaxy A52 has a 4500mAh battery capacity that supports fast charging up to 25 Watts. And promised by Samsung the battery of this device will be charged 50% in just 30 minutes!

How? OK, Samsung Galaxy A52? Interested or still want to see the brothers in different series, both of which have just launched the A32 and A72? If you're waiting for a brief review of the Galaxy A32 and Galaxy A72, don't forget to stay tuned yes.

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