Sage, The Most Super Support Agent In Valorant! #languagegen 6

Sage, Meta Support Agent at Valorant!

Hallo vicigers, back again in the # languagegen segment, this time we will discuss sage, a sentinel agent who is very useful for supporting the team to play in every match.

Sage has the ability to heal teammates and give effect slow which can make it difficult for the enemy to move and build ice walls to close the path to do boost. As Sentinel, the utility offered is so useful that Shroud dared to judge a Sage as a tier S.

So, here are the skills that Sage has:

The first one is Barrier Orbs: Sage can create three blocks of ice wall that can block the path and can be destroyed by anyone. Click Fire to form a wall and Alternate Fire to change the direction of the wall.

Sage, Meta Support Agent at Valorant!
The second one is Slow orbs : Sage threw a Orb to some terrain who will create Lingerie Field and can give effect slow for enemies passing through the area.
The third one is Healing Orb : Use Healing Orb can slowly restore a certain amount of HP on teammates by clicking Fire or heal the Sage yourself by clicking Alternate Fire.
The last one is the ulti of a sage named Resurrection : Place crosshair towards the dead friend then click Fire to turn on friends after channeling a few seconds.

So, those are the skills possessed by the sage, next we will discuss the gameplay of the sage, if you want to know, you can read this article to the end.

Sage is very suitable to be used as an attacking or defensive position, because his kit can make it quite difficult for opponents to face him.

Barrier Orb is often used as a tool to close the entrance door or close the spike bomb if it has been installed. To destroy the Sage's Barrier Orb will take a lot of bullets and time.

Barrier Orbs can also be used to do wall boosts. Position yourself or your friends in the area before forming the wall. With this wall boost, you and your teammates can see the opponent's position is wider and surprise them or reach places that cannot be reached by normal means for any purpose.

Slow Orb has quite a troublesome effect. Slow Orbs can be used to prevent enemies from entering, slow down enemies trying to enter the bomb site area, or as a zoning tool.

The Healing Orb will heal slowly. Refrain from advancing before being completely healed because the enemy's shot damage and abilities can exceed the Sage's heal rate.

Resurrection is an ability that must be considered as best as possible. The selection of companions to resurrect will be very important. Positioning yourself is also quite important because Sage has to channel for a few seconds before friends get up.

Generally if a dead comrade is in a corner, the Sage can close his position with a Barrier in order to safely resurrect the ally. But also pay attention to how you and your friends will get out.

Now that's a guide or gameplay from sage, sage is very profitable if the player already knows what to do when attacking or defending.

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